Free your videos and win cash with and 5 Minutes for Mom

In mere moments I’m going to tell you how to win some money. But first, this announcement: has created the coolest app. It sends your smart phone videos to your family and friends from anywhere and at anytime.

Here’s how it works: No more faulty phone uploaders! No more plugging in! Cut the cord and download our new app. You simply shoot a video and then use the app to send it to Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube or your own registered .TV domain! You can register your .TV as you upload your video for 99 cents per month. So if you have a great video of, say, your friend who has some trouble dancing, then you can own TroubledDancing.TV and share it with the whole family.

(And you domainers may have noticed something: YES you can own a .TV domain BY THE MONTH!)

You may have also noticed that we’ve been referring to our new app rather generically. That’sfree your videos from your smart phone with because we haven’t been able to think of a name (Yes, there is some irony here… and all.)


We’ve teamed up with the great website 5 Minutes for Mom to find the best name for our new invention. AND YOU COULD WIN! Not only bragging rights as the person who named the coolest app in the smart phone era, but these great prizes!

1st prize: $500 cash prize for the individual who names the app

2nd prize: $100 account credit at, which can be used for their website builder, easy search engine optimization, or web addresses for the entire family!

3rd prize: A random entrant will also receive a $100 account credit at

This contest will end on November 23rd. The winners will be announced on November 25th, 2011. Until then, keep your phone in a safe place.

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