We have VPS. Virtual Private Servers.

Virtual Private Servers have arrived at name.com.

VPS or Virtual Private Servers at name.com

Twitter was growing impatient.

Your business, your websites–let’s be honest–your babies, can live in the insulated comfort of VPS hosting. Grab their little hands and guide them to independence at a fraction of the cost of traditional dedicated servers. And now you are a Super User. You’ll be able to install much of the software you want with customizable configurations. Learn more about VPS, and prepare to be the star of your next class reunion.

“He’s a what?”

“A Super User,” they’ll whisper as you roll into the gymnasium and throw down with the confidence of someone with 24/7 node monitoring, premium bandwidth, a dedicated IP address, feature rich control panel and access to our awesome support team.

Are you ready for your own private place on the virtual beach of online tranquility? A lot of people are, so book your space today.

VPS or Virtual Private Servers at name.com

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