Domain Savings More Popular than May Flowers

Not to slight the bees and millions of years of petals, stamens and spores, but in a brief unscientific poll we have found that people would rather save money on domains than find a pretty flower. In light of that, we’ve decided to let some deals blossom in May. That way you can get back to enjoying the flowers. But no one wanted to be so cheesy as to have our promo code be “flower” or “birdsong” or “whimsicallygallavantingthroughfieldsoftulips.” Instead, we’ve gone techno on you with the latest in high tech jargon. Your promo code for May 2012 is INTERWEBS. You’ll save on COM/NET first-year registration & renewal, as well as AT, the short and sweet Austrian extension that can be bought anywhere in the world, and can be used to bring attention to either flowers or bees. For example,

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Better than May flowers?

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