Domain Name Savings! Your November 2012 Promo Code for Domain Savings

It’s about to be over. The presidential election of 2012 has many Americans wanting to move to the moon, or wherever we won’t be inundated with ridiculous domain name promo codecampaign commercials. “Did you know that Romney eats kittens?” “Are you aware that Obama is a Socialist zombie baby sniffer?” We all know too much about two dudes who are as human as the rest of us. We realized this mortality with the massive “Frankenstorm” called Sandy that ripped into our upper east side and took down trees, buildings and, sadly, lives.

But nearing the end of the election, and seeing how we’re all the same, vulnerable creatures, has us talking about UNITY. Your promo code for November 2012 is just that,UNITY, and if we can come together on anything, it’s that saving a little money is a good thing. That, and there’s really nothing as important as being safe and healthy. So buy or renew a COM/NET for just $10.25, or don’t. Maybe it’s a better time to play with the kids or go makeout with your significant other….or…OR…reach out to someone with whom you have disagreed and come together. Get all that done and we’ll be here with domain name savings and, of course, the world’s greatest customer support.

Some other deals to keep in mind are: .ME for 7.99, .EU for 5.99, .BIZ for 5.99, .US for 3.99, .CO.UK for 9.49 and, when you buy any extension, .ORG is just 5.99.

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