It’s Time for a Little Pajama Dancin’ this Cyber Monday!

Cyber Monday is really a great thing when you think about it. It’s an opportunity to save on some of your favorite products without having to leave the comfort of the interwebs. People who embrace Cyber Monday, rather than Black Friday, can sit back and relax while everyone else goes bonkers at the mall.

Now that you’re all pumped up to partake in Cyber Monday festivities, it would probably be an amazing time to tell you our Cyber Monday promo code to use at checkout to save on .COM/.NET. The promo code is…*drumroll*… PAJAMADANCE. Use it at checkout to receive $8.99 pricing on .COM and .NET registrations and renewals. This is a two-day sale, so the promo code expires at 11:59 p.m. MST on Tuesday, Dec. 3.

We know, it’s a totally amazing deal to help get you or your business online and thrust into Internet superstardom! Roll out of bed, register some new .COMs and .NETs, and start dancing!


Harvey Specter
Posted at 7:54 pm December 4, 2013

not so nice posting videos on youtube .. after video was finish .. it show up an offer from hostgator 🙂

Harvey Specter
Posted at 2:02 pm December 5, 2013
Royal Sunset

Yep thats true, promoting hostgator lol