March 2014 Promo Code: HIGHFIVEGUY and 10,000 High Fives for a Good Cause

On the verge of extinction, live customer support personnel are difficult to find. Luckily, these splendid beings are safe in one of their last refuges: Now, in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you get to touch actual customer service personnel at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. It’s an exciting opportunity that will lift spirits and raise money for some people who could use a hand.

Our goal for the five days we’re in Austin is 10,000 high fives. To do this, we’re taking a somewhat unsuspecting support representative and lowering him into the throngs of the Texas Capital. He’ll be attached to an actual high-five counter, and sent out on a five-day migration to share the love of a company that still cares. For each high five, will donate a nickel to the Austin’s Children’s Shelter. With your help, we can do all kinds of awesome.

That’s why your March 2014 Promo Code is HIGHFIVEGUY. Use it at checkout to receive $10.25 registrations and renewals on COM/NET domains, and $24.99 registrations on GURU domain names.


Reach out and touch a real live customer support agent

Even though we’ll be accepting Twitter and Facebook high fives (and whatever might happen on Google +), getting 10,000 high-fives will not be an easy task. Let’s take a look at the math:

10,000 high fives = 5 days x 2000/day or 166.6 per hour during five 12-hour days.

That’s a big challenge, but we can’t be weak, people. You need real, live customer support. We need you to know where you can get real, live customer support ( We’ll track the drama and the excitement on TwitterFacebook and our blog, as well as pouring on the entertainment value with minute upon minute of enjoyable video.

Also, at every major benchmark, we’ll give away valuable swag, including, but not limited to: t-shirts, dotCO goodies, exciting gifts from .XYZ, .NINJA and more.

Of course anyone is a winner if they’re helping a someone in need. Let’s crush this.

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