New TLDs Story Time Competition comes to Climactic Finish

It began as an internal office contest, and our Name peeps poured their hearts out. Paul, the VP of Everything, reminisced about the days BC (Before Children)…

I’m the .dad of three amazing boys. .Life can be funny, one minute you’re riding .motorcycles, drinking .beer and heading to the big .party, and the .next minute you’re running after .kids and picking up .toys.

And Ashley, our Marketing Something or Other, laid bare her soul…

Not to get all .blue on you but let it .beknown that rather than dreaming about being .rich I’d probably be happier if I could just .meet a .hot .gent.

And then we took our little show on the road, asking all of you to send in your stories written using the New TLDs. Now we have a winner. Nic, who presides over all things New TLDs, is here to make the announcement.

“The New TLD Storytime competition officially drew to an end last Friday. We are stoked to announce that the best story has been chosen. Painting a vivid tale of hope, intrigue and perhaps the very meaning of life – David was able to finish on top and win both $30.00 in account credit and some delicious baked goods. Without further ado, the masterpiece that carried him to victory:

“.ONE .DAY I was .PLAY.ING .XBOX at my .UNIVERSITY. I saw another .MAN spectating my .GAME from across the hall. I asked his name but he only ran away. I .CHASEd this .MAN across the campus until I caught up to him. “.BINGO!” he yelled. I then realized he was my favorite .CEO from .APPLE. I tried to ask him why he was .WATCH.ING me .PLAY . XBOX then ran when I approached him. He only looked at me .AND told me to .BUY more .APPs.”

Congrats David, and thanks to all those who played! Check out all the submissions here. If you’re feeling up to the challenge, you can also still submit your own to be featured alongside David’s tour de force.”

new gTLD story time winner contest

As documented on his Facebook page, our winner was made to win this contest.

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  • Mike

    congrats David! Totally jealous of the baked goods :)

    • jaredatname

      You’re a man with taste. Nic working serving up his great great grandmother’s recipe for sugar-filled happiness.

    • David


      As a University Student, free food is always something to strive for. Can’t wait for them to get here! :D

  • David

    Unexpected comment about my timeline cover. To think, I was considering changing it today! Glad I didn’t, the comment about it made my day! Thanks! I can’t wait to get my baked goodies! :D

    • jaredatname

      It’s really cool. It’s like you’re in the Matrix.