New TLD Nic in Wonderland

New TLD Nic spent the week at ICANN 48 in Buenos Aires. Here, he checks in with his thoughts and musings from the conference.

Buenos Aires was different. I’m not sure if it was the completion of several contract negotiations and the delegation of many New TLDs in the interim or the impressive turnout and abundance of amazing steak and red wine. Whatever the reason, the industry is excited—excited about New TLDs, excited about policy debates, excited for new challenges and opportunities.

In the registry community new ideas and models abound. Next to hundreds of New TLDs that intend to perfect and add to the existing space, there are many more that eagerly await their chance to break the mold. There are TLDs that  integrate social media, challenge conventional sales channels and reexamine some of the most basic assumptions of TLDs. The de facto standards of domain name models, life cycles, and price points that govern the current environment is and will be challenged aggressively as the New TLDs become a reality.

Meet the sales and compliance, accounting, and facilities teams

Previously we introduced you to the marketing and customer support teams, and gave you the details of our About Us Video Contest. Today, you get to meet some smaller (in numbers) but equally important teams: Sales and compliance and accounting/facilities.

The sales and compliance team

Let’s hand it over to Sales and Compliance manager Scott McBreen for the introduction:

Ryan and I manage compliance and abuse related inquiries when they involve domains registered through Aside from working as liaisons with the different registries in instances where domains do not behave as they should, we also provide assistance to Marketing for TLD promotions, as well as develop pricing when new TLDs are released. We have been friends for more than 15 years and we enjoy terrible movies and the occasional beer at the Bull and Bush pub.

Scott McBreen, Sales and Compliance Manager

Three great TLDs for startups

Even before all of the New TLDs hit the streets (the first batches of New TLDs are still a few months away from general availability), there are already some great domain extensions for startups beyond the traditionally popular generic TLDs like .COM and .NET. The internet is changing, and extensions that were originally created as country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) have been repurposed as trendy TLDs for startups. Here are some of our favorites:


co-color.CO is the ccTLD for Colombia, but it’s since become one of the most popular extensions in the startup world. Did you know the Vine app uses a .CO domain name? Or that Twitter uses for URL shortening? is making the most of its alternate domain name,—it’s used as the name for the Oakland A’s and Oakland Raiders stadium: Coliseum.

.CO is great because it’s even shorter than .COM and just as memorable, but has much greater availability. And when you purchase a .CO, you get some pretty cool membership perks via the .CO registry.

Announcing the Employee About Us Video Contest

By now you may have seen our About Us videos (check out these roundups for the Customer Support and Marketing teams). We’re having a little contest to go along with those videos. If you’re not an employee, you can’t win, but that doesn’t mean you can’t participate. You get to determine which employee is loved by one and all, and which employee suffers the greatest shame. Doesn’t that sound fun?

So here’s how the contest works: employees all have one week to get the most views, most likes and/or most dislikes on their respective About Us video. Comments on a video count as five views. So if there’s a employee you really like, or even one you really dislike cough like maybe Ashley Forker cough, head over to the YouTube playlist and Watch, Like, and Dislike as your much as your heart desires.

The Contest ends Tuesday, November 19th at Noon MST.