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And oh man has it been ugly on the football field. The play has been decent, but it’s the refereeing that is causing much consternation. With the regular refs striking the new replacement refs (who should be much admired for their death-defying efforts) are struggling with the rules. We’re surprised nobody has been killed. Meanwhile, it’s pretty in France, where England’s naked princess has been pasted across the tabloids. And now what…sex scenes? That’s what they say, but a royal lawsuit has things tied up. Whatever…you go you young, wealthy royals. You know it’s gotta get old acting prim and proper all the time. Just ask Harry.

And finally, Saturday Night Live is back, and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane does a fine job hosting…along with a new President Obama.

Rated R for Rosh Hashanah

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Allison Pill, Kate Middleton, Britney Spears, iphone 5 on trenD

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It’s something that really should be a major part of this year’s elections: Why is it so awful to see a naked breast? Princess Kate Middleton shed her royal garb and a French tabloid posted the pics. Now the palace is ticked and all the world in a fury. Why? It’s the Puritans isn’t it? Those skin-covering sin police who dressed beautiful natives in Big Dog t-shirts. Dang it. It’s wrong. And then there’s the iPhone 5. People say they are disappointed, but analysts say there should still be about 6,000,000 pre-orders.

Finally, the Innocence of Muslims is a really bad video that no one should get excited about.

Rated PG, for reals.

A show about what’s trending across the internets and the domain names that love them.
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Celebrity Death Hoax, Chris Kluwe and All Things Cool and trenD!

Not going to lie to you. This one is long. But there’s so much to talk about. If you make it through the whole thing we’ll buy you a soda. First off we have people fake dying everywhere. It seems to be following successful black actors. Urkel has been put on fake death watch.

Even bigger news is that football is back. I know the world wonders why we watch American football instead of Most-everybody-in-the-world football, but there’s just something so spectacular about it. Anything can happen, and Kris Kluwe and Brandon Weedon–especially Brandon Weedon–prove that. Also, we mourn the passing of Denzel Washington.

Rated G for Giggles.

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