Everyone at Name.com is treated fairly. Except for New England fans.

So Name.com is located in Denver, and as you may be aware, Denver is playing New England in a pretty big football game this weekend. Most of the Name.com team will be rooting for Denver, either as hometown fans or bandwagon transplants (like me!).

But there are a few enemies in our midst. Sorry, Ashley and Chris.

Also, come back on Monday for some details on football-related Name.com contest!

You’ll have the opportunity to get some cool discounts by picking the winner of the [REDACTED, IT’S THAT BIG GAME THAT CROWNS THE CHAMPION OF PROFESSIONAL AMERICAN FOOTBALL].


Building Relationships with Your Customers for Long-Term Success


The Internet is filled with tools that make it easy to turn customers into brand fans and evangelists. Using tools like Facebook and Twitter makes it easy to respond to every customer interaction in a very personalized manner. What’s this mean? Your marketing strategy going forward should focus more on how to turn your brand into a relatable figure, rather than sending out mass messages that solely focus on pushing your products and services.

Besides the customer acquisition benefit of being friends with your customers, you can learn a lot by being in constant contact by chatting with customers all of the time. When you’re having an ongoing conversation with customers, you’re essentially doing non-stop market research that can help you decide what products or features you should be creating. That means you can stop hoping a new product will succeed, because when your customers inadvertently become part of the design and development process, your product decisions address their real world needs.

An article in Harvard Business Review called Rethinking Marketing by Theodore Levitt explains that when you switch to relationship marketing, you need different metrics to gauge your marketing’s effectiveness. Here are some examples of different ways to measure and think about your strategy’s success:

  1. Focus less on product profitability and more on customer profitability. Think about how retailers use loss leaders products—these items may be unprofitable, but that’s because the retailer believes they’re strengthening customer relationships.
  2. Get a solid understanding of your customer lifetime value. This means to stop concentrating so much on short-term earnings and try to evaluate future profits from customers. When you do this, you can make customer retention rate goals and better figure out the value of customers.
  3. Shift your focus from brand equity to customer equity. A big reason to focus on customer value is that it has the advantage of being a great way to understand the value of the business, which means that you can make marketing better reflect your customers’ identities. The value of a brand depends on the customer—without customers, there’s no reason for a brand to exist.

That last part got a bit business school sounding, but the gist of this post is to get you to think about how you can maximize your relationship with your customers. Think about how you can turn your customers into friends. When your customers become friends, they become brand ambassadors and they’ll be willing to tell you what they really want—they become powerful allies to help you have long-term success.

At name.com, we think we’ve been pretty amazing at using Twitter and Facebook to turn our customers into our friends. In fact, our No. 1 referral source isn’t Facebook, Twitter, email campaigns, blog posts, or even Google … it’s friend recommendations.

You can check out how we interact with our customers online:

A few simple ideas for your .GRAPHICS webpage


Other than the fact that the domain extension itself operates as targeted advertising, one of the most attractive qualities of .GRAPHICS is that it’s a New Domain specifically tailored to freelancers, small business, local firms, and non-profits, so there’s a ton of availability that might not exist in a New Domain being targeted to bigger companies. What that means is you’ll finally get a domain name that’s memorable (what’s more memorable than a New Domain?) and functional.

.GRAPHICS is currently available for registration (as a trademark owner) and pre-registration (open registration starts in early February), so getting your .GRAPHICS domain is the easy part. Once you have the domain though, you’ll need to think of a great idea for its use. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Win Custom Stickers to Promote Your Website


At name.com we love small businesses and startups! That’s why we’re always on the hunt for opportunities to help you promote all of the amazing stuff that you’re doing and building. Our latest opportunity for you to share your awesomeness with the world is a contest with Sticker Mule that could land you a bunch of free stickers with your logo on them. The rules of the contest are simple.

How to get the latest information on New Domains

new-watcher-screenshotNew Domains are finally here, and literally hundreds more will be released over the next year. It’s an exciting time for the internet, because the New Domains present incredible new opportunities for registering unique, memorable domain names.

But it can also be a little confusing. With so many new extensions coming available, and so many different registries involved, the release dates and launch phases can vary greatly from domain to domain. That’s why we created the New Domains Watcher, and we recently gave it an overhaul to make it better than ever.

How does it work?

It’s simple: You use the New Domains Watcher to choose the extensions (e.g., .ninja or .app) and specific domain names (e.g., yourname.ninja or yourname.app) that interest you. When they become available, you’ll receive a notification via email. We also send occasional roundups of New Domain news that supplement individual notifications.