Geo Domains, SEO, and You

Geo domains are awesome. They are domain names that cater to a specific geographic location, most commonly cities. They are great for SEO because users quite often search for things like “denver ethiopian¬†restaurants” or “denver audi mechanics” on Google and other search engines. Search engines love exact match keywords in the domain name and geo domains offer a fairly easy way to have them. Now, if you know the exact city you want to target things are easy. You can simply register the domain (available by the way), create some sweet content about the topic, and be done. But let’s say you want to target all major cities in a particular state, that’s where the Geo Domain Search Tool comes in. I’ll now show you how, with pictures.

Step 1: type your keywords into the search field

Step 2: choose your geo domain options

Here you can choose whether to append or prepend your keywords to the place name. Different keywords might look better one way or the other. Denver Roofing Companies, for instance, sounds better than Roofing Companies Denver. Likewise, Fishing In Denver might sound better than Denver Fishing. Those might not be the best examples but I think you get the idea. You can choose prepend or append based on how users most commonly search for the phrase you are targeting. You also need to select the TLD you want to search, the country, and state you want to pull cities from. You will notice other options in the Countries and States drop downs, feel free to play around with those. You can optionally enter a population range of cities you want us to pull. If you leave those blank we will simply pull the top 300 locations by population.

Step 3: click search and scroll down to the “Geo Domain Results” section

The first set of results you will see are the exact match keyword search results in our famous “Power Bar”. The next set will be the geo domain results themselves. Unfortunately, due to the way we perform domain checks the top 300 results by population will be in no particular order but they will be there. With each geo domain result we give you a link to perform a search on that term for all of the TLDs we offer, the population based on the most recent data we have (we admittedly need to update our database with new data), and of course the ability to add the domain to your cart. You should probably add them all, just sayin’. Based on the results for Colorado, one could completely corner the market for Ethiopian restaurant geo domain search results in the state ūüôā


Step 4: go forth and be awesome

Now just buy the domains for the keywords you want to market in the cities you want to market to, create compelling and awesome content with some sweet SEO, and start getting some very specific location based traffic rolling into your site.

As always, let us know what you think and feel free to send us suggestions for how we could possibly improve the service.


Sunrise, Landrush for the New TLDs


I’m Scott McBreen, Domains Operations Manager at With all the excitement regarding the New Top Level Domains (nTLDs)¬†there are many people wondering how the new domains will be made¬†available. ¬†Others may be curious if it is worth the money to register¬†an nTLD for use as a personal/professional website, or even for¬†investment purposes. ¬†Follow along below for responses to both those questions.

Registry operators, those that manage databases for Top Level Domains (TLDs) such as .com, utilize multiple strategies when making domains available to the new TLDs domain name operation managerpublic. Some registries will restrict who can register domains under their TLD, while others will make domains available to general public. Registries that open their TLD to the general public will typically make domain names available in stages when they are first released. These stages typically fall into the three categories: sunrise, land rush, and general availability.

The sunrise period allows applicants to apply for domains through accredited registrars, such as, if the domains meet certain criteria.  Sunrise applications typically require a registered trademark on the string for which the applicant applies. In the caseof the nTLD, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will offer a Trademark Clearinghouse, which will allow trademark holders to protect their trademark. Registries may also offer an additional sunrise period which allows owners of strings under an alternate TLD to apply for the same string in the nTLD they manage. For example, if your accounting firm owns you may be eligible for during the sunrise period.

Sunrise period registrations typically cost more than general availability registrations. However, the sunrise period is the ideal time to secure a valuable domain.The sunrise periods is followed by the landrush period. This is the period during which domain names become available without trademark or alternate TLD restriction. will offer pre-orders for the landrush period.  If you have placed a pre-order with, we will attempt to register your domain the moment the land rush begins. has had tremendous success capturing pre-ordered domains during both the .Tel and .XXX landrush periods, making many great domains available to our customers.

After the landrush period the nTLDs will¬†enter the general availability period. This is the period when domains¬†do not have any additional restrictions, and the registry charges¬†their standard rate to registrars such as Some registries will hold onto what they consider to be premium domain¬†names, and will auction them off to the highest bidder. ¬†This can¬†result in names being sold for huge sums of money. ¬†According to Sedo¬†Holding AG. who managed auctions for the .mobi registry, domains such¬†as¬†¬†sold for $101,000 and¬†¬†sold for $75,111 at¬†auction. Other registries will accept petitions for use of their¬†premium domain names from parties that agree to develop the domains¬†into active websites. ¬†This can help build an nTLD’s brand, and result¬†in excellent websites.

If you have made it this far, I am sure some of you are asking the big¬†question “Is it worth it?” ¬†Not unlike higher education or a chicken¬†burrito, the answer depends on what you put into it. ¬†However, I think¬†we can agree that domains such as and are far more brandable than many of the currently available .com alternatives.

As far as the investment worth of the nTLDs, it can be difficult to speculate. However, reports sales of .Org domains such as for $440,000, for $198,000, and for $120,000.  One would imagine the individuals that registered these domains found them to be a sound investments.

We look forward to helping you with similar opportunities with the new TLDs and, as always, bringing you the same legendary customer support that comes with all our domains.

American as Apple Pie: .US Domain Names (for a bigger piece of the pie)

We’re not going to lie to you. America rocks. There’s no better way to let your customers and website visitors know your pro.

There‚Äôs no better way to communicate to visitors that you‚Äôre proudly made in the USA than with a .US domain extension, and right now your .US domain names are only $3.99! Now it’s more affordable than ever to be part of the growing ‚Äúbuy local‚ÄĚ movement. As in both the United States and abroad, an established American presence online will help ¬†instill consumer confidence in your brand.

Benefits of .US domain names:

  • Appeal to Americans and compete successfully globally
  • Use our Domain¬†Search tool for .US domains
  • Protect your trademark – If you’ve got the .com get the .US before someone else does
  • SEO – Google can rank your site higher for .US searches
  • World’s most ethnically diverse and multicultural country

Restrictions on .US domain registrations

  • Any United States citizen or resident
  • Any United States entity, such as organizations or corporations
  • Any foreign entity or organization with a bona fide presence in the US


Start your .US search

Innovation with Gaiam’s Jesse Weaver Part 2. | The Insightful

Frustrated about the creative process? Think your company should try something new but don’t think they ever will? In Part 2 (here’s part 1) of our interview with Jesse Weaver, he drops some of the most important knowledge we’ve ever heard about how to move forward with your ideas. Knowledge? Nay, this is wisdom. Weaver brings the sage, and reminds us to respect the history of the brand and get to know the structure within you’ll be working, before startling anyone with radical ideas. Yet when all the pieces come together, you’ll be thriving in a “culture of innovation.” So here we go with a brilliant bit on the cohesive brand experience and selling something new to the higher ups.

The Insightful is posted here about every Wednesday, and offers information and advice to entrepreneurs and business ninjas. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for regular informative and entertaining videos.

PSY, Kate Middleton, Johnny Manziel, Star Trek Into Darkness on trenD

Again we marry domains and trends with news you can use and tips on how to use the news. WITH SOME LANGUAGE THAT SOME MIGHT FIND OBJECTIONABLE. It’s elementary, my friend, especially with our new Scrollkit collaboration. If you haven’t tried this easy web builder, that’s because it’s not trying at all. So do that and jump on the latest stories, like Gangnam Style’s Psy apologizing for a 2004 anti-American protest and, shocker, some guy named Johnny Football winning the top prize in college football. We also offer up some cute cat videos (just in time for the holidays) and share with you the incredible statistics of the new Star Trek trailer. All that and the domains to conquer the world.

Rated PG for P#$$y Gratuity

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Watch more info on the stories referenced in this trenD:

Simon Cat*

Jimmy Fallon, Mariah Carey, and the Roots*

Star Trek Into Darkness

Kate Middleton

Johnny Manziel

*Available upon posting.

The story of + Scroll Kit.

This is Pat, a.k.a ‚ÄúFro‚ÄĚ one of our ninja developers. He peruses the Interwebs like a BOSS, catching every viral video and trend weeks before hitting the masses. One day his online adventures lead him to a hackernews article about Immediately intrigued about the product created by the dynamic designer + coder¬†duo,¬†he started playing around. Naturally wanting to be a part of something so hot, he kicked an email out to share with the team. It didn’t take long for the positive feedback to roll in. Bill (CEO, founder, Chief) caught word and reached out to former Denverite, and Founder of, Cody Brown. The meeting of the minds went well and here we are a week or two later, offering Scroll Kit to you!

It‚Äôs majorly badass so jump in and get your hands dirty. Or play for a quick minute and get a sweet page up in a flash. Now you truly don‚Äôt have to be a code monkey (no offence, Pat!) to be able to design a sleek & beautiful site. Create a site for yourself, a portfolio, a birthday card, or a, “i’m sorry i totally F*ed that up.”

So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen + Scroll Kit is now a thing, that just happened. Join the party, create your page today. Get at us & @CodyBrown with your feedback!

Fwd: Deployment – Geo Search Revival V1

On Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 4:57 PM, VP of Awesome <> wrote:

Hi. I know some customers were sad when we removed Geo Search from the website. So, in an attempt to satisfy their Geo Domain thirst, we have added a little drop down / slider thing on the search page titled “geo domain search”. Dropping that down will reveal some basic Geo Domain search options. I’ll be tweaking and improving it in the near future but it should suffice for now hopefully. If we can reach out to the customers that were sad to see the¬†disappearance¬†of Geo Search and find out if it works for them, what they would like to see, etc, that would be awesome.

If anyone sees any issues please let me know.

VP of Awesome
Senior Software Engineer
VP of Awesome‚ĄĘ LLC

On Sun, Dec 9, 2012 at 4:43 PM, jDog <> wrote:

I know at least two customers who may drive here and kiss you.

On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 7:48 AM, VP of Awesome <> wrote:

I believe that is the total number of people who actually used the service.

VP of Awesome
Senior Software Engineer
VP of Awesome‚ĄĘ LLC

On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 8:52 AM, The Swede wrote:

Smoooooth Jazz

Inline image 1

On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 7:53 AM, VP of Awesome <> wrote:

That is one sexy man. Also, how was the holiday party in the Seattle branch?

VP of Awesome
Senior Software Engineer
VP of Awesome‚ĄĘ LLC

On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 8:55 AM, The Swede <> wrote:

It was great success. 100%¬†attendance¬† as we’re all pretty dedicated here at the branch. The conversation was sort of lacking but all in all I would say it was probably the second best office holiday party this year – and here at the Seattlebranch we value being No.2!!!

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Boss
Date: Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 8:54 AM
Subject: Re: Deployment – Geo Search Revival V1
To: The Swede
we need to be able to “like” ¬†these emails

On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 9:27 PM, Stan the Man wrote:

Inline image 1

Too creepy? To memey? Ok… I guess you can have the more pedestrian:

Inline image 2

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Boss
Date: Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 8:58 AM
Subject: Re: Deployment – Geo Search Revival V1
To: Stan the Man
Inline image 1

New Dots Going In New Directions

Looking through the list of new gTLDs (nTLDs), there are many that have very practical uses for a lot of people. A .bank domain makes a lot of sense from the bank and the customer’s perspective to ensure security and market effectively. Being environmentally friendly is popular, important and covered by .eco or .green. No matter what your profession or interest, chances are that there is a nTLD for you. It easy to see why most of the nTLDs were applied for.

On top of the nTLDs you would probably expect, there are a few you might be surprised to learn about. These nTLDs boldly defy common convention and in some cases even reality. As a company that values breaking the mold, we love these nTLDs are excited to offer them. Here are a look at some of our office favorites and what we hope they will be used for.


As a mythical beast that represents pure badassery, the unicorn is as close as anything to an official¬†¬†mascot. Anyone who has not tried the konami code on our website should definitely check it out. Although the last reliable unicorn sighting hasn’t been for several years (my brother’s wife’s cousin’s friend swears‚Ķ) unicorns remain as captivating as ever.

What we are imaging

The .unicorn nTLD will allow people to finally own this mythical best. Flying.unicorn, fast.unicorn, purple.unicorn – pick your favorite! No matter what kind of unicorn you want, the .unicorn space will make your dream a reality.

What’s closer to the truth

.Unicorn is being applied for a European technology company so that they can more easily communicate with their customers. It appears that while they offer a wide range of technology services, they do not sell legendary animals.


Stealthy warriors who live in the shadows, the ninja is never there and always there. Even the non teenage-mutant kinds are still pretty awesome.

What we are imaging

Upon purchase of a .Ninja domain, you do in fact become a ninja. Skilled in martial arts and deception, owning a .ninja domain allows you to fight for truth, justice and honor from the shadows. Also throwing stars. Lots of throwing stars.

What’s closer to the truth

Our Sys Admin has been signing all of his emails “Sr. System Administrator (IT Ninja)” since long before this nTLD came around. Used as a synonym for “expert” in the tech industry, .ninja has a lot of great potential for online experts looking to standout in the crowd. Also owning a katana may be slightly more justified.


There is a heavy office debate over who would win a fight between a viking or ninja. It’s hard to discount the whole life of fighting and plundering thing even against throwing stars.

What we are imaging

The viking nTLD will finally create a space for vikings on the go to connect with each other.  After a long row or difficult raid, find the maiden you always hoped for on or download your favorite epic poem from Finally a place on the Internet for vikings from vikings.

What’s closer to the truth

.Viking is being applied for by a cruise operator headquarter in Los Angeles. Their application states that domain is not available for public registration. So while our dreams of owning may be dashed, at least we don’t have to worry about the whole being sacked and looted thing.

and finally the office favorite…


Of all the nTLDs on this list, what we are thinking and what the nTLD is are actually the same thing. This is a nTLD for everything horse. How cool is that?! Although does not own a horse (yet) .horse has become a constant in email threads and office conversations. Expect a disproportionate amount of .horse domains to be registered at if only because every employee here wants one.

Come to think of it, the only two types of nTLDs on this list are equestrian animals and ancient lifestyles. I guess we all want to be horse riding ninjas or unicorn riding vikings. We‚Äôll probably stick to being a kick ass domain registrar for now, but if you need a horse riding viking or unicorn riding ninja‚Äď send our support team an email and we will see what we can do.

Which ones are we missing? What are your favorites?

Know Your Customer: An Insightful Conversation with Gaiam’s Jesse Weaver

When analytics aren’t enough, you need to find other ways to find out who your target audience is. Jesse Weaver works at Boulder’s extremely successful Gaiam, the company that “provides products, resources and inspiration for a healthy mind, body, home and planet,” and he shares how he and his crew get to know who is watching their videos and buying their products. It seems to be working. Gaiam is very well known for its fitness media and has already helped make a superstar out of yoga guru Rodney Yee. Here’s part 1:

The Insightful is posted here every Wednesday, and offers information and advice to entrepreneurs and business ninjas. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for regular informative and entertaining videos.

Elevator Ghost Prank, Gangnam Style Christmas Lights, Kate Middleton Pregnant on trenD

This is the news you can use and how to use the news. Domain names abound for the biggest stories, including Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, the most frightening prank in history and Christmas lights gone Gangnam Style. Actually, I think a Gangnam Style Christmas would be a blast. You’d have horsey dancing during carols, dangerous boat rides, hot tubbing and random explosions. Also known as just another night with Lindsay Lohan. We have a brief bit on her too…

Rated R for Royalty

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Watch the videos referenced in this trenD:

Christmas Lights Gangnam Style (Original)

Extremely Scary Ghost Elevator Prank in Brazil

Lindsay Lohan’s Changing Face – 25 years in 60 seconds

*Available upon posting.