Jennifer Aniston, Shark Week and Miley Cyrus: TrenD Marries Domains and Trends

If it weren’t for the sharks this week would be pretty light fare. Yes, it’s great that Jennifer Aniston has found love, and it seems like this Justin Theroux guy is the real deal (writer, actor, break dancer), but when you take a look at what’s really going on in the world, the trends would starve anyone looking for substance. So what do we do? Add meat! And it’s not shark fin (you poaching weasels), but the comments and criticism that make something as one dimensional as Miley Cyrus cutting her hair actually matter. The even bigger benefit? We find available domains that match the news, because no matter what you think about Jennifer Aniston, she’s hot, and can drive traffic to more important things.

Rated PG for mention of crabs, large men in muumuus and drugs.

Honey Boo Boo Jogging? Usain Bolt Juicing? LA Lakers Imploding? Today’s TrenD…

As always there are so many great news items trending that it was difficult to trim it down to the few we include in TrenD, but we’re certain these are the ones that deserve the most attention/criticism. Today we take on Honey Boo Boo Child, the little girl being exploited by her attention-starved family. We also discuss the Los Angeles Lakers, a pageant of a different sort, as well as Usain Bolt. He’s one of a few athletes who seem to merit the ego.

What in the sweet jeeso is TrenD? It’s a program that works on a subliminal level to associate domains with trends. Associate domains with trends. pizza. Associate domains with trends. We show domain names available at the time of the shoot. You like this. peaches and cream. Associate domains with trends. cold soda on a hot day. Associate domains with trends. You want this. french fries, bratwurst. Sex.

Secrets of SEO with Troy Olson of JEMSU: The Insightful Ep. 2

We’re doing a weekly show featuring tested experts in the fields that matter to you: marketing, search engine optimization, startups, management, podcasting, video and anything you can suggest. Really, if you’d like us to get someone on camera to share their ideas, let us know. Although if it’s your friend “The Cat Lady” wanting to show how to wean kittens, then maybe not. Although cat videos are pretty huge.

Still, though, we’ll stay focused on the following thing:

1. Videos that help you succeed.

Here’s one, and it’s uber-helpful: All those little tricks you need to know about SEO (and it has a lot to do with who you already are: an expert.)

Reality TV in the Office: The Dot, Episode 2. “Windows”

We inspire an obscene gesture, Ashley crashes a date and we watch people try to park. It’s all from our second floor office where we get a great view of one of the busiest little streets in Denver. The area is called “Cherry Creek” and it’s Colorado’s mix of Beverly Hills with some coffee-jacked techie and a dash of hacky sack hippie. There’s also a lot of very physically fit people, and if you look carefully, a lot people refitted physically. The mix of big money and Bohemian makes for some awesome interactions…and for some reason, there’s this thing where people have trouble parking. One theory was just presented to me from an anonymous donor that perhaps it’s because they can’t see over their noses. Complete balderdash. It’s probably because their butler usually does it for them.

Ok, enough making fun of people we want to be (our customers) and on with the show. Seriously, we work a lot, I mean a lot a lot, and when you rarely leave the office these windows are a nice alternative.

Trends and Domain Names: Quite Happy Together (or not?)

Six months ago I started doing a “Daily Trends” show that talked about the latest cool things everyone was talking about and the domain names that related to them.

trends and domains in TrenD

Apparently this had been done before.

Well it was a weak effort, done by myself, and resembled all too much a billion other YouTube videos with a dude talking to his laptop. And that’s rarely interesting unless you’re really hot, coming out of the closet or covered in something awful.

Now we’ve stepped up our efforts. This new guy Sean has been shooting and editing a short show called TrenD. He even thought of the title. It brings the domain world (ironically, out of a closet) into the mainstream and vice versa, which we think makes sense because trends don’t go very far without the right website. Also, what we hope to do is incorporate into the show the staff as well as some of our customers. Here, please enjoy this free sample:

I like it because I’m in it and because I love doing these things. (I say I have ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder, as in that no matter how much I get there’s never enough.) But the real question is DO YOU LIKE IT? We put out the call on YouTube, so if you have an account please comment, or just lay on the love below.

Our YouTube feedback plea.

Thank you for your time. We’d love to include your comments in one of the upcoming episodes.

A computer science guy speaks, dances: Lessons from HostingCon 2012

By Dave McBreen,’s Director of Core Development

Before attending HostingCon, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.  I assumed take-aways would primarily come out of the presentations.  I didn’t expect networking to be very much fun, let alone informative.  And I saw little chance of ending up on a dance floor.

Tebow Miracle

Dave as pictured in our “Tebow Beeracle” video.

I mostly attended the technical talks.  Although these weren’t quite as technical as I would have liked, I got something out of each one.  Sometimes I would just catch something mentioned in passing or listed on a random slide that would spark an idea or point to a resource that I didn’t know existed.

Computer science majors aren’t generally the most social bunch. But I was surprised how much I took away from talks with our vendors and partners. Conversation topics ranged from backups and CDNs to DDoS mitigation and malware detection. I also spoke with a Director of Development from another company and it was fascinating hearing about the challenges faced by a team ten times our size.

Then there were the post conference activities. One after-party included an open bar, stand up comedy, an 80s cover band, and dueling DJs. It ended with the entire crew from dancing like it was the final hour at a wedding.

The trip was more fun, educational, and informative than I expected. It’s an exciting and changing industry. And its great to be a part of it.

To behold the brawn behind this blog, see Dave prepare for the London 2012 Olympics.

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So why are they called “dog days?” Well the hottest days of summer are referred to the “dog days” because of the rise of Sirius, the “Dog Star.”  It’s the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major. And, oh sweet jeezu…while reading Wikipedia we found that the Romans used to actually sacrifice a brown dog in July to appease Sirius, which they attributed to the hotter weather.

YOU NEED NOT SACRIFICE A THING…just save some sweet money on your next domain name purchase with

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P.S this dog’s the real deal, follow him at @parkerlorang

How to be competitive in a crowded landscape: BE INTERESTING

Being a former East Coaster naturally I was stoked to head to Boston for HostingCon. I haven’t attended many conferences so I was excited to absorb information, hang out with my team outside of the office, and catch up with vendors and partners. Needless to say, by the time Wednesday rolled around I was officially burnt out. Between burning the candle at both ends, hitting the conference sessions and vendor meetings all day all while keeping up with email was a grind.  There was an internal thread going around questioning how effective we are in pushing our brand and producing compelling content. In my sleep deprived state I was feeling a little bummed out questioning if what we were doing (putting ourselves out there) was the best strategy. Just as I’m spiraling into this bad place I walked into an Industry Trends session presented by Christian Dawson the COO of ServInt and he reassured me that we’re on the right track.

As I sat down the slide deck read, ‘Be Interesting.’ He went on to explain that the best way to find your niche in a competitive industry is to follow your passions. He noted that you can’t beat the big guys on price, perceived quality of service, and certainly not on ad spend and mass awareness but you CAN beat the big guys by being more responsive, more nimble, more market-targeted, and most importantly by being MORE INTERESTING. (For the record, that’s why we keep this guy on staff.) Christian went on to say that sameness + smallness = invisibility. In order to be less invisible he suggests being interesting. As I’m sitting there taking it in, the internal struggle started bouncing around my head again until he closed with his most emphasized point: HAVE THE COURAGE TO BE YOURSELF.

All in all it seems like a cheesy lesson but it really hit home for me. We’re a wacky, small company largely off the map trying to compete with all the top players. I’ve learned the best thing we have going for us is ourselves and we’ve got great products to back it up. We do business openly and honestly and always put our customers first, as long as we continue to go down this path we can’t go wrong.

Big thanks to Christian for the pep talk 😉

The Reality Show: Beer Run. Season 1, Episode 1.

This is The Dot: IT Happens, our little show about the office.

It all began with some tension. No one could agree on how to undertake a massive overhaul of, so tempers flared and morale plummeted. The best we could do is get it on camera. That was the birth of this reality show trailer, part real and part tongue in cheek, but very necessary for people to vent. Here’s the trailer that helped get us through some tough times (or at least distract some of us from the real work.)

After a week or so of treachery around the office, things calmed down and, as per usual, drama was kind of hard to find around the group hug known as Oh, drama will come around again, and when it does, we’ll grab it. But for now, enjoy a lighthearted departure from our initial inspiration (mutiny) and go in a completely different direction: a ride to the beer store.

Episode 1: Beer Run

Every Monday expect another episode of The Dot: IT Happens, from