Affiliate Marketing with Caroline Temple of Part 3 | Insightful

I think we’re going to call this era in history the Caroline Renaissance. It’s a mouthful, but it accurately describes the work of Caroline Temple,’s Affiliate Program Manager. She is en fuego. Not only has she launched the popular blog series on free ways to get traffic to your website, she just wrapped up a three-part video how-to on affiliate marketing. Here she is in Part 3 (here’s Part 1 and Part 2.)

From conversion optimizations to cookie duration, here are more great ways to make money with affiliate marketing.


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The Latest: Updates to Account Management, DNS Management and Account Settings

Our dev team makes it rain positive change, although they cringe at being called “Rainmen” (yet you should see them play cards.) They’ve been cranking out web goodness and have made the following improvements:

  • Added more templates to the DNS management page,
  • Updated the account contacts & Domain contacts page,
  • Added more options to the Email Domains tool,
  • Added a way to stop a transfer from going out and
  • Updated account settings page.
More Details:
As Product Manager Shannon says, “We pushed another exciting update to account management. There is now an Account Settings page where users can edit their contacts, enable or disable renewal notices, and edit default nameservers. Users could always do this stuff but it had previously been part of the Account Contacts page. This is what it looks like:
Meanwhile, Smitty, who’s in dev, heralded the nameserver changes:


This morning we are pushing an update to the nameserver management page.  Customers will now be able to select nameserver templates from a dop down.  The templates are dynamically generated nameserver groups based upon the nameservers that the customer is currently using for all other domains in the account.  Please let us know if you notice anything out of the ordinary.
And this with some interesting new terminology:
Dear All,
Today we are deploying the new contact management pages.  All of the previous domain/account contact management functionality is still intact, only with a slicker, cooler, more manageable, form validator-able, tabable upgrade!  Most notably, we have integrated Google’s phone number validation library, which should help international customers get those pesky phone numbers updated correctly.  As always, please let us know if you run into any issues.
See “tabable” in action…
And here’s a note from P-Fro in dev about the transfer cancel feature:

Hey Friends,

We’ve just pushed a feature where customers can cancel a transfer out of from the domain management page…
To come: Revamp of domains list page that will include new features like a ways to search and categorize/group domain names.

Nicole Westbrook Thanksgiving Song, Elmo’s Kevin Clash, General Petraeus Affair on trenD

Again we preside over the marriage of domains and trends…

I should warn you that this episode has some curse words. They are mild but just something to be aware of while you’re watching at your workplace or entertaining the family with the latest on the David Patreus affair. Although they may not want to hear about the stunning allegations against Elmo, or at least the puppeteer who plays him. (But that would be funny if Kevin Clash blamed the little red puppet for the abuse.)

In our effort to bring together domain names and trends, we were surprised to find that is available, as is, so the domain names are there for your blog or website about the latest news–or whatever you’d use for. We’d hope to comment on the latest Patrice Wilson song. What’s that? Learn more here…

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Are your ears dying to hear Nicole Westbrook’s Thanksgiving Song?
See the video here:
Read more about it here:

Saddened by The Voice of Elmo Kevin Clash’s scandal?
Learn more:

Shocked by the General David Petraeus scandal?
Find out more:

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Nate Silver, Angry Birds Star Wars, Nexus 4 on trenD

We marry trends and domain names…

Before we get started, should we just dump this thing? We like doing this little show, but it varies on the feedback. Sometimes it has a 1000 views, sometimes it has 20. It’s one of those things where we need your help. Keep it or Kill it?

Anyway, this week we’re hit with another Angry Birds and it’s STILL a good thing. Rovio’s success is on the wings of…well, you get it. Aside from that, the entire nation has been introduced to a data geek named Nate Silver. His 538 blog was way more precise than any of the traditional media, accurately predicting Obama’s re-election in a methodical, state-by-state manner. Finally, the Nexus 4 is here. The reviews are mostly good…

A show about what’s trending across the internets and the domain names that love them.
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NAB THAT NAME! Domainers love the Nabber

*As of October 2016, backorders can only be placed on domains that have a set drop date. 


I can’t tell you how often I hear, “Your Domain Nabber service is so cool, i didn’t even realize you guys offered that??” Our Domain Nabber is a backorder system that allows you to “be first in line” for when a domain drops, (expires) from the current registrant.

Here’s how it works:

You place a backorder via for $49.95 and we’ll try our best to nab the name for you. If we’re successful, you get the domain name. If we’re unsuccessful, domain name backordersyou’ll get your $49.95 refunded back to you in full.

We do things a little differently than some of the other backorder services where we only allow one customer at to place a backorder on a given domain name at a time – we do not allow multiple bids or support an auction system. If you change your mind on the backorder you placed, you have up until 3 days before the domain drops to cancel your order (*this is new, it used to be 24 hours).

We’re thinking of creating a page on our site that shows “recently cancelled backorders” is that something you guys would be interested in? Let us know and we can make it happen, sometimes there are some gems that people place backorders on but then they cancel at the last minute, we thought it may be need to publish this list sort of similar to our Expiring Domains list.  If you’re totally nerding out right now and didn’t realize we provided these neat tools, check out our Recently Deleted domains list too.

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Making Money with Affiliate Marketing Made Easy Part II

In Part I Caroline lays down just how easy it is to become an affiliate marketer. In Part II she gives you the nuts and bolts you need to build your affiliate marketing empire. From getting affiliate programs that are willing to pay you, to exactly what you need to get started, this two-part video series covers just how to turn your traffic into conversions.

The Insightful is posted here every Wednesday, and offers information and advice to entrepreneurs and business ninjas. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for regular informative and entertaining videos.

The Basics of SEO to Drive Traffic to your Blog or Website | Part 5 of 5 in a “get traffic” series

Get Traffic to your site with these SEO Tips

Every search engine has a basic set of rules they use in determining how to rank your blog or website.  Learn these rules and help the search engines find your content faster as well rank you higher because you are seen as valuable in terms of content for given keywords.  This is all SEO.  Wanna get started on learning these rules?

Actually, if you have been following this “get traffic” series, you already have a head start. We’ve been giving you social media tips, tips on engaging your audience, google service tips, and even a quick rundown of 20 methods to try for traffic.  Use these methods combined and your already doing SEO, and naturally at that!  However, let us give you a clearer perspective on those tips that actually yield SEO and how you can help those little search engine bots find your blog or website.

4 Basics of SEO to get right for traffic:

1. Keywords

We introduced you to the methods on keyword research earlier.  Google defines a keyword as: “An informative word used in an information retrieval system to indicate the content of a document”.  Well if they define it that way – then it’s pretty darn important!  Make use of these magical keywords in your post or website title, a few times throughout your content, and even in your images. Keep your images original (psssst – have you noticed I resorted to hand drawing mine?) and then title it including your keyword.  You’ll be excited when searching the keyword later and see your website’s image in the image search results.

2. Linking

Remember, my goal is to give you easy tips to immediately try, ones that are FREE.  Linking is basically having other blogs or sites link to you and, if you play fair, you’ll thank them by including a link back to them.  Don’t forget these other ways of creating links back to your site: Social Media, Social Bookmarking Sites (Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg), and blog directories (Technorati, for example)

Remember, we’re talking FREE methods here, so buying links is not an option in this post.  Besides, don’t you think the search engines are aware of this tactic?  Be careful not to get ignored! Oh, and for those rogue sites that are linking to you – get help with the new Google Disavow Tool.  You can submit to Google the links that you do not intend  and it’s not guaranteed, but they are likely to listen and ignore them to improve your rank.

3. Sitemap

Create and submit a sitemap of your blog or website to tell search engines that you have a new link each time you post.  If blogging, check for a plugin on the platform from which you blog on.  The easiest example is for WordPress using their Google XML Sitemap.  Or, if you run a website, make sure to submit your sitemap to Google WebMaster Tools.  If you’re feeling adventurous, then do this for as many search engines as possible.  Start by creating an account with each.  This process will certainly speed up the time it takes the search engines to find your new content. Meaning earlier than expected traffic.  Well, that’s the goal.

4. Content

All search engines want to provide value to those who search and original content ensures you have value. Google, and similar search engines will index you much lower, if at all, if your content is extremely similar to other web sites.  Don’t even think of creating new pages that just link to other pages either. Always give your unique spin on the keyword topic you are discussing.  More originality=greater chance of traffic.

In the same vein, be careful of too many affiliate ads on your site.  Of course, we hope we are one of them, but ads are considered links away from your site that are not original content.  Search engines understand you will have ads – just balance it out with your content.

That wraps up our SEO tips!  Our goal was to get you familiar with the basics of SEO.  You must practice these tips to become comfortable and watch the changes in your blog or website ranking. Nail them and maybe we can help in the future with a more advanced series!

Anyone tried the new Google Disavow Tool?  Let us know how it may have worked for ya in the comments below.  Actually, tell us anything you like in the comments below, I’d love to hear from ya’ll!


Whew, that is the last tip we have in this “Get Traffic” series! Check out all your FREE goodies you can immediately try for traffic to your blog or website:

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Part 5: The Basics of SEO to Drive Traffic to your Blog or Website | Part 5 of 5 in a “get traffic” series (that’s what you just finished reading)


We Get Extreme on Trampolines: (Some of) Gets to Play

It all came down to who was on Shannon’s good side. She won second place in our 2012 Halloween Costume Contest and the prize to take seven of her coworkers to Big Time Trampoline Fun Center. Yes, we’re grown ups, or so we thought–who are we kidding, none of us have truly grown up. That’s why we’re at work all the time. The real world scares the hell out of us. At least at we know what to do and what to expect: We make websites work for our customers. But out there…out there in the non-virtual world, how would we behave? At first it was a bit shaky, but then we found our roots by going back to you, the customer. We’d like you to judge who’s trampoline trick is best. Please.

Election 2012, Guy Fawkes, I Told My Kid I Ate All Their Halloween Candy Again on trenD

We marry trends and domains…

And this week it’s pretty light…aside from the election. The election. The election. The election. It’s all we’re hearing about, so the least you can do to celebrate it ending IS VOTE. It’s pretty simple and you’ll feel good about doing your part of the democratic process. And you get a sticker.

Also, Jimmy Kimmel is back with another edition of “I Told My Kid I Ate Their Halloween Candy.” At first it’s sad but by the end you’ll see children who very well could grow up to save the world. If anything, they may grow up to be conscionable rebels, but hopefully more successful than Guy Fawkes. November 5th is Guy Fawkes Day, a commemoration of a failed rebellion against King James I.

Rated NC 17 for No Candy for kids under 17.

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Vote your candidate of choice
Then talk about it on your website or blog with one of these domains:* OR*

Kids get punked by Kimmel on Halloween
Respond on your blog that’s spruced it up with a unique domain name:* is available

Remember Remember the 5th of November
Read the Anonymous antics
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*Available upon posting.

Making Money with Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

Quite simply, affiliate marketing is making money online. Caroline Temple, our Affiliate Marketing Manager, shares how simple it is to pull more income out of the online properties you already have…and it doesn’t even take that much work. This is part 1 of Temple’s quick video tutorial on making affiliate marketing work for you.

The Insightful is posted here every Wednesday, and offers information and advice to entrepreneurs and business ninjas. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for regular informative and entertaining videos.