Sync Domain Expiration Dates: Harmonize Your Domain Name Renewal

So Nick in dev made the exciting announcement about how you can now sync your domain name expiration dates. But before I pushed it live to the blog, I wanted to make sure he’d included everything…

Renew your domains all on the same date

That about sums up the experience: Ultimate User Enjoyment. Nick explains:

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, and Legend (you know who you are),

We’re rolling out a new tool that will allow users to sync the expiration dates for their various domains. As of right now, this option is only available for .com and .net domains (sorry Henrik, you can’t sync your .se domains just yet).

On the page, the user will be able to select the new expire date, then select the domains that they want to have that new expiration date. Then, they must hit “Apply” for those sync products to be added to the cart. It will not allow the sync date to be before the current expiration date, or further out than 10 years (70 dog years) from the date of the sync, not the date of the current expiration date. The pricing is $1.15 per sync month, and if the sync is longer than a year, the users domain will be sync’d to the correct date of the year current, and then renewed until the desired expiration date is achieve. I really hope this makes sense and doesn’t come across a Jared-esque rant.

Please, let me know if you have any questions.

Please do let us know if you have any questions. You can hit us on Twitter or Facebook, or engage with our legendary customer support.

And there IS one more thing:

sync domain names expiration dates

The Best UI/UX: Tips, Tricks and Golden Rules to make your website work

You’re not developing for you!

They say a video should be really short–like about 90-seconds–to keep an online viewer’s attention. Unless…UNLESS…it’s really good information. This is really good information. Sherri is our reigning queen of the User Interface/User Experience. She recalls how designers were once employed to make things pretty, and then shares the important reality of making your website’s copy, icons, images and voice one coherent, profitable masterpiece. Now that’s inner beauty that radiates across the web…and into a really hot conversion rate.

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New TLDs Story Time Competition comes to Climactic Finish

It began as an internal office contest, and our Name peeps poured their hearts out. Paul, the VP of Everything, reminisced about the days BC (Before Children)…

I’m the .dad of three amazing boys. .Life can be funny, one minute you’re riding .motorcycles, drinking .beer and heading to the big .party, and the .next minute you’re running after .kids and picking up .toys.

And Ashley, our Marketing Something or Other, laid bare her soul…

Not to get all .blue on you but let it .beknown that rather than dreaming about being .rich I’d probably be happier if I could just .meet a .hot .gent.

And then we took our little show on the road, asking all of you to send in your stories written using the New TLDs. Now we have a winner. Nic, who presides over all things New TLDs, is here to make the announcement.

“The New TLD Storytime competition officially drew to an end last Friday. We are stoked to announce that the best story has been chosen. Painting a vivid tale of hope, intrigue and perhaps the very meaning of life – David was able to finish on top and win both $30.00 in account credit and some delicious baked goods. Without further ado, the masterpiece that carried him to victory:

“.ONE .DAY I was .PLAY.ING .XBOX at my .UNIVERSITY. I saw another .MAN spectating my .GAME from across the hall. I asked his name but he only ran away. I .CHASEd this .MAN across the campus until I caught up to him. “.BINGO!” he yelled. I then realized he was my favorite .CEO from .APPLE. I tried to ask him why he was .WATCH.ING me .PLAY . XBOX then ran when I approached him. He only looked at me .AND told me to .BUY more .APPs.”

Congrats David, and thanks to all those who played! Check out all the submissions here. If you’re feeling up to the challenge, you can also still submit your own to be featured alongside David’s tour de force.”

new gTLD story time winner contest

As documented on his Facebook page, our winner was made to win this contest.

Build a Loyal Podcast Audience and Make Money! Tips from Michael Sitarzewski…

Get your resume prettied up because Michael Sitarzewski’s company is about to blow up (in the positive, profitable way.) He provides analytics that give podcasters of all media (audio, video, whatever’s next) insight to who’s listening and why they’re staying. That information is what sponsors want to see when making decisions on their next media buy. Plus, podcasting is fairly easy, so get started now. With the right tools you could be living the high life with the likes of Leo Laporte.

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Focus and Align your Business: It starts with the right SEO keywords.

We love picking Troy Olson’s massive brain. He’s the SEO guru over at JEMSU, and from one interview came three great videos. Here he talks about how easy it is to focus your business. It begins with knowing the keywords that describe who you are and what you do. Because, when you think about it, that’s how people will find you…and it’s how your customers will become interested in what you do.

The Insightful is supposed to be posted here every Wednesday, and offers information and advice to entrepreneurs and business ninjas. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for regular informative and entertaining videos.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Aldean, Justin Bieber & Breast Cancer Awareness Month on trenD

Before we do anything, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we should mention Breasts of Colorado, a very cool local project that is a lot of fun, and would be a great fundraiser for your community.

And now…to marry trends and domain names…

This week we made our HR department very nervous by discussing breasts a lot and loudly, but it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, and if you’re like most of us, you’ve been affected directly or indirectly by the savage beast that is cancer. Our big question is: “Do other cancers get near this much attention?” Of course not. These are breasts we’re talking about. We also discuss some other boobs, including Arnold Swarzenegger and country music star, Jason Aldean. Both of these guys have had to come out and apologize for extramarital affairs. What do we think about their activities? Well, we shouldn’t judge, but Justin Bieber offers a fitting tribute.

Rated R for Reverse Peristalsis

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Free Sexy Models: Another Way Saves You Money

Sometimes when you turn on the TV and see all the hot people parading around and pimping products, it’s hard to fathom how much they spend on commercials. Millions! Billions! That’s money that could go into customer support or maybe some huge discounts for, you know, the people who pay hard-earned money to keep you in business! Anything but a random pretty person who shows up for 30 seconds before sprinting off to Prague! (Nothing against Prague, but that seems to be where a lot of hot models go.) But then you look around the office and realize that you’ve got talent right next to you. You don’t need no stinking fashion models! Although there was that one time we stole one

At, all of our marketing material comes with real people who really work for On our home page you’ll see Caroline who works on our affiliate program; Jeremiah in support, who was all-too happy to get to play with a sword; Patrick from dev as our premium domain pimp; and Shannon, our product manager, as the incognito femme for Whois privacy. hot models

Oh, and don’t forget our unicorn, Bob. Most companies would go out and blow Bolivia’s GDP on a highly paid Hollywood unicorn, but not us, we just want you to have the best experience possible with your domains, websites and hosting.

Coming soon…NameStockPhoto!

Domain Name Savings Promo Code for October 2012

It’s hard to come up with promo codes and not fall into cliche mode. This time of year “the leaves are falling and so are our prices” is a popular one. “Harvest great domains deals” is another. I mean you want to keep it familiar but without using Rocktober for the millionth time. We think we’ve found a compromise with PUMPKIN as the promo code and the cute, catchy phrase, “Carve out your space on the web.” And you’re probably like…”WHO THE @%@% CARES, JUST GIVE ME A DEAL!” And that we will. Lots of them. We have discounted .US domain names and .EU addresses and .ME domains and .ORG deals…and now promo code PUMPKIN gets you COM/NET registration AND renewal at $10.25 each.

So don’t be afraid this Halloween season, buy a freakin’ domain name.

Oh, you know those places that get you in for cheap and then kill you on the renewal…that’s not us. We’re all treats and no tricks…despite the frightening amount of cliches you might have to endure.
Domain name promo code October

Romney vs Obama, NFL Replacement Referees, Apple Maps, Miley Cyrus Twitter on trenD

It’s always scary sauntering into politics in polarized times, but dang it, it’s our Democratic responsibility to be involved and to cherish the freedoms given to us by incredibly brave and pioneering men and women. That, and we’ve decided Mitt Romney needs some help. Obama dominates the Internet. You search Romney, and all you get is negative stuff. You search Obama and rainbows shoot out of Samuel Jackson. So we do that, and we talk about something even more important to America: The NFL has its real referees back!

Rated PG for Political Gyrations

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Transfer your Domains to a Swing State: A Message to President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney

First, let me say to President Obama and Governor Romney that transferring your domain name is easy and painless. Our world class customer support will take care of you. I’m also happy to say that WE’RE NOT JOKING! Each presidential campaign is looking for an edge, especially in swing states like Colorado. In 2004, Colorado went for Bush.In 2008 the state voted for Obama. National Public Radio and other news sources have said that in this close election, Colorado could become as important as Ohio or Florida. So, who will get our love? Mr. Obama? Or will it be the challenger to the throne in Mitt Romney? If they want extra support from Colorado’s burgeoning tech community, one or both of them needs to transfer to our swing state!

Meanwhile, everyone else in the world trying to live their lives through a slew of negative ads and wall-to-wall political coverage has already won our vote. You get the same deal as the most powerful men in the world! Use promo code NEWBIE for up to ten $6.99 COM/NET transfers to new accounts (here’s looking at you Obama and Romney), and after that continue to save with SWITCHEROO for unlimited $7.99 COM/NET domain name transfers!