6 domain extensions that celebrate the fine arts

If you’re already a patron of the arts, maybe you should consider becoming a patron of domain names as well! Now that there are hundreds of New Domains available for registration, you can celebrate all of your favorite hobbies and art forms in unique online spaces.

So if you live for film noir, can perform a magnificent arabesque, or know every word to “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General,” you’re probably going to love these New Domains that celebrate the fine arts.

5 social media tools to add to your arsenal

Social media is a must for any individual or business that wants to promote their brand and grow their web following. But that doesn’t mean you have to dedicate all of your time to painstakingly posting Tweets at the ideal moment or becoming a Photoshop expert so you can create compelling graphics. There are now hundreds of social media tools out there that can help you better manage your time and post more engaging content. We’ve highlighted five of our favorite social media tools for you to try out.

Everything you need to know about domain backorders

You have the perfect idea for a domain name. But when you gleefully head to Name.com and type it into the search bar, something terrible happens—you find out that someone has already registered your dream domain name, leaving it sadly out of your grasp.

Life is cruel.

But don’t lose hope! Just as new domains are registered every day, existing domains sometimes expire without being renewed by the original owner—leaving it free for you to snatch up the moment it hits the market once more. Name.com’s backorder process allows you to place a tentative hold on a domain name that is close to expiration and increase your chances of securing it if it is not renewed by the current owner.