Build your personal brand with a .ME domain

We all have that one friend that has a million connections. They’re always active, working simultaneously on several projects, going from one event to another, and can connect effortlessly with ten people at the party at the same time. Have you ever wondered how they make it?

The secret is in building a strong personal brand that precedes you and attract new opportunities for even bigger exposure and networking. Getting to that point isn’t easy, but it’s not rocket science either. For a detailed guide on how to start building your brand, check here, but the first step is always deciding what do you want to be known for. What are the values, skills and experiences you want to be associated with your name?

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Two character domain names are here!

We strive to make registering a domain at as easy and straightforward as possible. Unfortunately, the domain name industry can sometimes be complicated and difficult to understand (see name collisions). In an effort to help you find one of the shortest and most memorable New Domains around—two character domain names!—here is a simple guide to help you make the most of it and understand why this release is happening now.

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Google Apps for Work users can now request Google Inbox invites


Google Inbox is a new email product for Gmail that completely changes the whole email experience on both mobile and web. It’s currently an invite-only service, but Google just made it easier to get an invite. If you have a Google Apps for Work account, you can now request an invite for your entire company.

Google is intentionally rolling out the service quickly, with a focus on early adopters and now company admins. The Google Apps for Work account admin will need to send an invite request to, and then they’re on their way to being an Inbox tester. Google has said that invites will start being sent on in March.

Google has said that the goal of Inbox is to totally rethink how people get things done online...

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How to get a domain name like


Kanye West has a new fashion line coming out with Adidas, and it’s happening on a .supply domain name. Since we’re domain nerds, we think his .supply usage is pretty awesome! Do you want your own .supply domain name like If you do, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve made it brilliantly easy to scoop up a .supply domain.


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Portland Startup Week 2015 (Photo Gallery)


We spent all last week at Portland Startup Week, where we went to a whopping 16 events. We spread the magic all around Stumptown by taking over a coffee shop, giving away .ninja domains, soft t-shirts, stickers, and more. We also helped with a hackathon with Quick Left, where people had a few hours to get nerdy and build wearables.

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Startup Weekend EDU San Francisco 2015 (Photo Gallery)


We spent the weekend at Startup Weekend EDU San Francisco. It was a fantastic event with over 100 participants and around 200 people walking through the door as coaches, mentors, or demo watchers. The participants and observers were all part of a 54 hour hackathon where people came in Friday night to pitch ideas, vote on ideas, and then build companies. In just a weekend, ideas became validated companies that had functional products. The winner of the 2015 Startup Weekend EDU San Francisco event was a team called Literator. Literator makes it easy to organize and analyze data that teachers are already collecting on their students, so that students can get more out of their one-on-one time with teachers. Literator is effectively helping teachers be more paperless, which leads to efficiency, easier teacher-to-parent communication, and a higher quality of education.

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Want to win $35k just for registering a .COM? Of course you do. Here’s how.

Verisign, the registry that operates .COM domain names, is currently accepting entries for a big .COM contest, and the grand prize is $30k. So do you want $30k? What a silly question! Who wouldn’t?! Excitement! Exclamation points!!!

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Announcing some important updates to our Two-Step Verification feature

We recommend Two-Step Verification to everyone, as it’s the most fool-proof way of keeping the domains in your account secure – and it’s totally free. It’s especially important for people who have hundreds or even thousands of domains in their accounts, as they’re more likely to be targeted by bad dudes trying to hijack domains.

The basics of our Two-Step Verification process are still the same—create a unique credential for your account, and then use a smartphone app to generate unique login codes—and it remains a totally free feature for all customers. However, if you were previously using Namesafe we’ve made some changes that will require you to update your verification credentials by March 5, 2015 to keep your account secure.

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How to Blog | The Web Address with Bloggers on Blogging

One of the biggest hurdles to a successful blog is finding the time to write and produce content on a regular basis. In this quick episode of the Web Address, we offer some tips and tricks to keep blogging productively. From using your voice recorder on your phone to creating a content calendar to keep you motivated and on track, getting the most out of your time and your blog doesn’t have to be difficult.

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Domains for a dollar, for one day only

We hope all of your Superb Owl Sunday wishes came true, whether you were rooting for seagulls or minutemen or any other sort of pigskin-wielding professionals. And now that the big game is over, we have a major sale to announce:

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