Announcement: Domains via drones and the future of

As a registrar and part of the tech community, we take pride in being innovators. We like to think that we are creative thinkers who embrace the new and come up with ideas for making our service better, faster, and more reliable. We’re very excited to announce a giant step in innovation for the entire domain name industry. We’re proud to unveil a change that could alter the domain industry as we know it.

Our April 2016 promo code is trendy, healthy, and goes great on toast

April showers bring May flowers, and for, it also brings April Health Week. Because it seems like it would be insensitive to use a deep-fried, sugar-laden food as this month’s promo code as our office cohorts sadly watch our M&M dispenser be filled with broccoli and our frozen taquitos replaced with veggie burgers, we chose this fruit for its healthiness and its high status in the health food world.

How to set up a custom Medium domain with Name Apps

Do you write on Medium? Last year, the popular blogging platform announced to its users that they would begin to support custom Medium domains for those interested in branding their publications. We’re big fans of Medium, so we wanted to simplify this task as much as possible—making it easier than ever to create a custom domain for your written work.

You can now use Name Apps to easily connect a custom domain to a Medium publication. Here’s how it works.

4 QR codes that should be replaced with New Domains

QR codes, for whatever reason, seem to be sticking around despite their lack of mass adoption by consumers. Earlier this year, I wrote an article about the problems with QR codes and suggested a solution for simplifying navigation to specific landing pages—New Domains.

Rather than hoping that your audience has an app that reads QR codes (or worse, expecting someone to download one just to get to your landing page), companies should make it simple for anyone to access the page you’re trying to drive traffic to. Using a short, relative New Domain is a much more user-friendly way to get people to where you want to go. Not only is it easy for anyone with a smartphone to type the domain into their web browser, it’s also memorable enough that they can remember the address and look it up later when they have access to a computer.

To prove our point, we’ve tracked down four examples of QR codes that can easily be replaced with a short domain.