.LIVE and .STUDIO are here

The long awaited day has finally arrived: .LIVE and .STUDIO are now available for general registration! Individuals, business owners, and more can create memorable primary and secondary URLs with these two distinctive domains. After months of waiting, and a whole lot of anticipation, we cannot wait to see all of the unique and interesting web addresses our customers will come up with using .LIVE and .STUDIO.

Video | The web is awesome because…

When it all comes down to it the web is pretty friggin’ sweet. Even though we may be more biased than some folks (after all, none of us would have jobs if the internet wasn’t a thing), we think that most of you agree. After all, the internet offers a wealth of information, endless shopping opportunities, and enough funny cat videos to sustain you for days on end.

Introducing one-click setup for your live streaming needs

With the release of .LIVE just one day away, now is a good time to consider how live streaming as we know it may change as the internet continues to evolve. People want access to events, information, and experiences as they happen, and live streaming is one of the most dynamic ways to do so.

We’re big fans of third-party services that allow businesses and individuals to live stream to their audience, but we also think there’s an opportunity to optimize your brand at the same time. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Periscope and Twitch to Name.com Apps, allowing you to connect custom domain names to streaming profiles with just the click of a button.

Batman, whiteboard art, and your daily dose of Name.com culture

In the dark of the night lurks a Name.com vigilante who fearlessly tackles the nasty bugs that customers may come across while browsing the site—Batman!

No seriously, we have a designated Name.com Batman. Our super talented dev crew takes turns donning the cloak for a few weeks at a time so they can focus on tackling any issues our customers may encounter while doing their domain and web service shopping.

We’re heading to Seattle Startup Week next week (come find us!)

We’re sponsoring Seattle Startup Week next week, and are beyond excited to participate in a week of startup glory with our favorite Seattle-area tech friends. You may be wondering why exactly we decided to sponsor Seattle Startup Week when Name.com is based in Denver. The short answer: Seattle is awesome! The long answer: We wanted to support this Startup Week because of the amazing talent and ambition that the builders and entrepreneurs of Seattle have. The level of excitement and high caliber of ideas that come out of the Seattle area made supporting Seattle Startup Week an easy choice. As an added bonus, our parent company, Rightside, is based in Kirkland, so this is a simple way for us to spread the word about Rightside while promoting Name.com in a fun way.