The November 2017 promo code is like cake for breakfast

Do you remember when you were a kid and the ultimate dream was the have cake for breakfast? But NO, cake is a DESSERT and can’t be enjoyed every morning because it isn’t HEALTHY. But on rare occasions, we at least got to enjoy this delicious breakfast treat which—let’s be honest—is pretty much breakfast cake.

And now, this same delicious treat will also save you a few bucks when you renew or register .com or .net domain names during November.

Cities across North America are shamelessly thirsty for Amazon HQ2

Mr. Jeff Besos has caused a straight-up frenzy on the internet by allowing cities in North America bid to be the next location for Amazon’s second headquarters. The bidding ended yesterday and let me tell you that most of these cities went above and beyond to get Besos’ attention. While each city surely put a great deal of time and consideration into their bids, there were definitely some attention-seeking antics that made my skin crawl.