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American as Apple Pie: .US Domain Names (for a bigger piece of the pie)

We’re not going to lie to you. America rocks. There’s no better way to let your customers and website visitors know your pro.

There’s no better way to communicate to visitors that you’re proudly made in the USA than with a .US domain extension, and right now your .US domain names are only $3.99! Now it’s more affordable than ever to be part of the growing “buy local” movement. As in both the United States and abroad, an established American presence online will help  instill consumer confidence in your brand.

Benefits of .US domain names:

  • Appeal to Americans and compete successfully globally
  • Use our Geo Domain Search tool for .US domains (represent your region and nation)
  • Protect your trademark – If you’ve got the .com get the .US before someone else does
  • SEO – Google can rank y...
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Using Social Media to Drive Traffic to your Blog or Website | Part 2 of 5 in a “get traffic” series

Free Traffic to your site with Social Media

Recently, we outlined 20 FREE ways to drive traffic to your site.  The methods were broken down by category, but I realized there is so much more information to these tips than just listing them out.  First up, are the Social Media methods.  By consistently employing each of the methods below, I promise you will see more traffic to your site.  Let’s get started….

1. Twitter

Just in case you need to be reminded of the obvious – Twitter is a great place to engage an audience and promote your brand.  Use this strategy as you begin:

  • First you need to get a following to have someone to promote your blog/website to. Shoot for 5-7 daily tweets...
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Anatomy of a Weekly Email Newsletter

What makes a great Email Newsletter?

If you’re in Affiliate Marketing and operate a blog, chances are you have a weekly newsletter.  I’m a sucker for signing up for that newsletter as it’s just easier to be reminded of my favorite blogs and what they’re dishing out in my inbox.  Maybe I’m too much of a sucker, as I had to do some cleaning up of my inbox this week.  It’s interesting that the newsletters that made the cut all had similar characteristics.  If you’re thinking of revamping your current newsletter, or looking to begin the weekly delivery of your goodies-  then give these tips a look-see.  The anatomy of your newsletter is listed below…

It begins with the subject line

Make it compelling to your audience...

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Kate Middleton, NFL Replacement Refs, SNL “Gangnam Style” vs “Call Me Maybe” on trenD

This is where Domain Names meet trends…

And oh man has it been ugly on the football field. The play has been decent, but it’s the refereeing that is causing much consternation. With the regular refs striking the new replacement refs (who should be much admired for their death-defying efforts) are struggling with the rules. We’re surprised nobody has been killed. Meanwhile, it’s pretty in France, where England’s naked princess has been pasted across the tabloids. And now what…sex scenes? That’s what they say, but a royal lawsuit has things tied up. Whatever…you go you young, wealthy royals. You know it’s gotta get old acting prim and proper all the time. Just ask Harry.

And finally, Saturday Night Live is back, and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane does a fine job hosting…along with a new...

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Tips and Tricks for YouTube Marketing: Talks with Troy Olson from JEMSU

Every week there are more YouTube views in America alone then there are people on the planet. That’s nuts. But what’s even crazier is if you’re not taking advantage of the massive eyeball magnet that is the online video juggernaut. YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the Internet (Yes, Google owns all of us). Troy Olson from JEMSU has a video marketing background, so look to these tips to move your videos up the page ranks and your business in front of more customers.

Episodes of The Insightful air every week and offer insight and education for the entrepreneur…and anyone else who wouldn’t mind tapping the minds of nationally renowned experts.

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Allison Pill, Kate Middleton, Britney Spears, iphone 5 on trenD

Domains and Trends in one! In this episode…

It’s something that really should be a major part of this year’s elections: Why is it so awful to see a naked breast? Princess Kate Middleton shed her royal garb and a French tabloid posted the pics. Now the palace is ticked and all the world in a fury. Why? It’s the Puritans isn’t it? Those skin-covering sin police who dressed beautiful natives in Big Dog t-shirts. Dang it. It’s wrong. And then there’s the iPhone 5. People say they are disappointed, but analysts say there should still be about 6,000,000 pre-orders.

Finally, the Innocence of Muslims is a really bad video that no one should get excited about.

Rated PG, for reals.

A show about what’s trending across the internets and the domain names that love them.
powered by http://name...

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We think you’re great. What do you think of us?

Lifehacker, the esteemed and very useful site for all-things consumer, simplicity, tech and information, is asking its readers to vote on their favorite domain name registrar. We don’t want to be so overt and skeezy to influence you like a bunch of lobbyist pimps, because that’s not our style. We feel that you should vote based on your experience with how awesome the best domain name registrar in the universe is, not just because some dude with a family who stays up day and night answering your Tweets and Facebooks guilted you into it.

So, keeping it straight up and for reals, here’s the link to vote! And, as we take our role as an impartial friend who offers some gentle direction and then kicks back and leaves you to your own very keen and learned devices, here are some random videos and ...

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