The v4 REST API is accessed over HTTPS. The production server is The testing server is To access the testing environment, use your test username (your username with "-test" appended to the end). The test environment is only available programmatically through the API. It cannot be accessed through a browser. Your test API token is listed in your API Token Management page.

Your testing account will have account credit applied so you can make purchases in the test environment. Because the testing environment is completely separate from the production environment, and it relies upon the various TLDs' testing environments, domains will not have the same availibility in testing as in production.

The JSON responses are made simpler by omitting fields that are set to their default values. For strings, the default value is the empty string. For bools, the default value is false. For numeric types, the default value is zero.

Any non-200 response will return an ErrorMessage JSON response. ErrorMessages have a "message" that gives a general error message st ring, and an optional "details" key which contains a string with additional information about the error.

Path parameters are parameters that are included in the path. For example: "/v4/domains/{domainName}/records" would be replaced with '/v4/domains/" to view the DNS records for

Pagination is provided on the List functions. These functions accept perPage and page parameters, and if there are additional pages, they will return nextPage and lastPage parameters as well as a Link header such as the one below:

Link: <>; rel="next",
 <>; rel="last", 
<>; rel="first", 
<>; rel="prev"

ETag headers are provided for many Get and Create endpoints. These allow updates to be done under the condition that the underlying model hasn't changed by passing it in the If-Match header.