Voted #2 Best Registrar by Lifehacker Readers,
#1 in the Universe by Our Customers.

We really embraced #2, after all Apple was once #2, everybody uses the famous #2 pencil, and there's always Spock, 2nd in command. But our customers had other things to say: is #1 in my book, after numerous lacking registrars, I have to say provides the best domain management interface and undisputed direct support.
-Jose Contreras,'s Creative Director.

Because we know isn't a second place registrar as voted in the Lifehacker Top 5 Registrar Contest! We have personally used them and found them several magnitudes of order better than the winner of that contest...and we want them to know that to us they are NOT second place by any means.
- @byteact of is the best. Voted #2 by Lifehacker readers, voted #1 by their users
- Satin B, CEO of FaceiP.Com

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