Public Relations Tips From a PR Pro | The Web Address Ep. 4


At we like public relations advice as much as any business, but we would be remiss to say that we weren’t overwhelmed with giddiness to hear what Doyle Albee has to say about taking on big issues in a way that makes you look good while actually doing good. So we highly suggest that you watch this month’s Web Address. Mr. Albee, co-owner of Metzger/Albee PR, lays down his decades of experience in a candid, funny and informative way. He reminds you of your access to the biggest megaphone on the planet, that news reporters would like your help (not your generic press release,) and how he helped turn around one of the biggest gaffes in corporate history. He also shares that if you have a job traveling the world taking pictures of beautiful people drinking beer, then maybe you’ve found your place in life. Thankfully for us, Albee moved on from that early (yet awesome) gig to garner a world of PR experience to share in this month’s Web Address.

Episode 4 Table of Contents.

1:02 – We send Erik back into the street. This time it’s not all about domains, but something even bigger: It’s about the people. It’s about Random Acts of Kindness.

3:37 – We tackle Net Neutrality with a serious episode of Meme of the Week. Yes, it’s a serious episode of the Meme of the Week, but these are memes we’re talking about, so it’s serious in the most joyful way.  See that here.

4:32 – Adorable animals.

4:50 – Doyle opens up a can of whoop on PR as we know it.

16:53 – The game sensation that’s sweeping the nation. Know Your Internet Presence. This time there’s a trophy.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 12:16 pm August 1, 2014
DeVan Dineen

I think you meant to say “completely random” and not Good video, nonetheless.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 12:15 pm August 2, 2014

Just an FYI to any PR people, I know IMMEDIATELY when you send a press release for a client you don’t really care about.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 3:22 pm August 5, 2014

Thanks for noticing that. A random act of kindness.