Listen to this Woman: Erika Napoletano Drops some Knowledge on You and Your Business

Author of The Power of Unpopular: A Guide to Building Your Brand for the Audience Who Will Love You (and why no one else matters), and a rising star in digitalErika Napoletano's book marketing strategies, SEO and all that’s necessary to thrive in today’s business world, Erika Napoletano has branded (with burning hot bluntness) herself as Redhead Writing. In this episode of The Insightful, you’ll get a glimpse of why her website says she “strives to say what others won’t and don’t (but should).” Here, Napoletano aims her truth crossbow at your business, and culls all the unnecessary things you’ve been doing to market it.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 1:29 pm August 17, 2012
Steve Hagerman

I can’t believe that anyone would buy her book. She does not even know not to curse when you are giving a speech. If you can’t even carry on a simple business conversation without breaking that cardinal rule you loose all credibility.

Also the notion that as a business you should plan to exclude clients. Get real! You might want to narrowly define your marketing goals and demographics per campaign, but you don’t want to write anyone off you could potentially help. Like the song goes “if you have the money honey I have the time”.

The one really good thing about this is that after seeing that there are people that would take advice from someone like that then there is still many many clients out there looking for someone that is running a great company that can carry on a business conversation as a professional.

I started back around 1995 and opened my hosting back in 1999. I have never ever turned down or away a client unless they didn’t have the money to afford what they wanted. As a business owner you should definitely try and accommodate anyone and everyone no matter what as long as it is ethical and legal of course.

I do however agree with her statement that not everyone is going to like what you say or do. That goes without saying and certainly don’t loose sleep over the people that mess up and go elsewhere for service. But do try to be professional and presentable as a business person.

Maybe this person mean to say something other than what I gleaned from it. I do however think she failed to articulate it properly. After all business is about widening your customer base as much as possible not narrowing it.


Steve Hagerman
Affordable Business Solutions LLC

Harvey Specter
Posted at 1:53 pm August 17, 2012

Thanks for the message, Steve. You make some good points, and I think what she’s done with her bluntness and language is consciously winnow down her potential clients to those passionate to work with her. And I think that goes back to the exclusivity, which is useful when you’re creating a polarizing brand.