5 Best Social Media Management Tools


If you’re looking to generate new leads and increase traffic to a website, social media is one of the most effective ways to do so. Managing your presence on a social network can be a bit difficult, especially when it comes to focusing on engagement with fans. To help you get through the clutter, here are name.com‘s 5 best social media management tools.

1. HootSuite

1-hootsuiteThe most popular tool for social media management is HootSuite. It has become the most popular tool because HootSuite makes it easy for businesses and people to execute strategic campaigns across various social networks—all from a single dashboard. With HootSuite, you can track conversations, measure campaign results, and schedule posts. HootSuite offers enterprise, pro, and free solutions that feature different levels of analytics and insights to help you understand what’s working for you on social media and what isn’t.

2. Buffer


Buffer is all about scheduling content to post on various social media platforms. Buffer allows you to place content in a queue, and then it will automatically post your content throughout the day in a way that makes it so you don’t bombard people with updates. Buffer also has analytics tools that let you learn about post engagement and reach.

3. TweetDeck


TweetDeck is a tool, owned by Twitter, that allows you to manage Twitter feeds. TweetDeck has filters to help you focus on what is most relevant to your brand. You can also schedule tweets and receive alerts about new tweets. Twitter recently closed the TweetDeck mobile app to have its team focus on Windows and Mac desktop versions of the product.

4. Social Flow


Social Flow lets you watch conversations in real time, so that you can better predict the best times to publish content. This is important because knowing the best time to publish content will yield higher click-through rates and engagement. Social Flow has some major clients, including Mashable, National Geographic, and The Economist. Social Flow also provides tools to help help marketers figure out how to spend money on promoted content on Facebook and Twitter. The ability to figure out how to spend money on promoted content is the real defining feature of this tool.

 5. Crowdbooster


Crowdbooster is a simple social media analytics tool that gives you suggestions on how to boost social media engagement. The product provides recommendations for post timing, user/audience insights, and suggestions on how to optimize post delivery.

Why Social Media?

Social Media is a powerful resource to help you drive traffic to your business or personal projects. However, social media isn’t very effective if there’s no destination. If you haven’t set up your own website, there’s no time like the present to do so. Start building your website:




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