Name Apps: 4 social media tools to simplify your life

Social media is one of the most important ways to reach an audience nowadays. Whether you are promoting a business service or your latest blog post, a solid social media strategy is an excellent way to increase your content’s exposure.

But maintaining five-plus social accounts, responding to questions and comments, and tracking the performance of your posts all the while can be tricky without the right tools. Rather than scrambling to monitor your accounts individually, there are a number of social media tools that can simplify your life.

As we continue with part two of our Apps highlights, (see the first post here!) check out our favorite social media tools.

Uplift Social

Manage multiple social media accounts from a single platform with Uplift Social. Posts can be scheduled in advance for automatic publishing, and you can also take an in-depth look at your content’s performance with metrics that track engagement and growth.


RebelMouse started as a social aggregation tool, but has expanded into a full CMS platform. It can be used to monitor your entire social media presence, from posts to likes. Feeds from your company’s Twitter, Facebook, and other social media profiles, along with original posts, are all compiled and shared with this tool.


Although Bitly’s claim to fame is its URL shortening service, the platform has several other uses. The application tracks the performance of your links over time and compares them to the performance of other links to the same content. Also, Bitly’s Realtime app can be used to find top-performing posts shared by others.


Parllay is an app that focuses on turning a business’s social following into actual sales. The tool starts by identifying trends on social media and uses that information to help you create a campaign. Then, by bringing together branded and user-generated content related to these trends, Parllay creates a community of users that receive personalized messages, coupons, promotions, and other incentives geared towards increasing sales.

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