More evidence says New Domains can help your SEO, not hinder it

Domain registry Radix recently released a case study that shared the stories of New Domain owners who saw favorable SEO results after adopting or switching to an nTLD. From digital marketing agency to winning WIX SEO Hero project, businesses and individuals from all walks of life are using New Domains to shoot to the top of Google search rankings.

Bulk domain search tips you might not know about

If you’re a domain investor, you know part of the battle of finding a high-quality domain to invest in is sorting through the sheer volume of domains available. Bulk searches can make this process a little easier by sorting through a lot of data at once. However, there are a few extra tips and tricks you can use for performing bulk searches that will actually come up with the domains you’re most interested in. These are our best tips.

7 reasons to use .DESIGN

By Sam Torrey

We all want to own a short, meaningful website name. Back in 1985, people could only choose from website names that ended in .COM, .NET, or .ORG. Now, there are many specific domains to choose from, including one that is especially relevant to designers: .DESIGN. The .DESIGN domain name is becoming popular among designers because it serves the dual purpose of communicating what you do and helping you position yourself as an authority on design. Read on to learn seven more reasons why a .DESIGN domain name is ideal for designers.