Denver Startup Week is totally worth it

We can’t take credit for all of the happiness you’re about to witness. There was beer—free beer. OK, we did the free part, but the beer was beer and we simply provided the fiscal inspiration to set it free. “Was it worth it?” the bean counters at the head office will ask? Was it worth it … why would you even ask that? Was it worth it? Pfft. 18,000 attendees and we’re right in the middle of it providing “Welcome to Denver” hugs. Let’s just break down its worthiness.

The upcoming total solar eclipse shows how far technology has come

Who’s excited for the total solar eclipse? You know, the one that’s supposed to stretch from the western coast to the eastern coast of the U.S.? The last time an eclipse spread across a nation is was 1918 and it’s safe to say that technology has changed just a little bit since then.

The solar phenomenon will take place on Aug. 21, 2017—and you better not blink because the eclipse will only last for about two minutes. If you do blink and somehow miss the eclipse entirely, you won’t see it happen again until Aug. 12, 2045 which is, like, really far away.