CATEGORY: Humor Community Evangelist Loses Bet, feels awkward

Because Tim Tebow couldn’t hit the broadside of the sun during a supernova, and the Denver Bronco defense gave Tom Brady enough time to make footballs out of a live pig, I am wearing this jersey. Long, painful story short, I lost a bet with customer Mike Maddaloni, the owner of pro-Patroits website,


For those of you not into into American football (kind of the direction I’m heading these days), is located in the town of the Denver Broncos. The Patriots beat the Broncos by a lot of points (I had to turn it off in the fourth quarter.) I’m wearing the jersey of Brady, the quarterback of the New England Patriots. It feels very, very wrong.



A Quick Message to our Landlord: It’s Cold.

The one thing that I’ve found to make the office warmer is standing outside in a t-shirt. When you come back in it’s not bad. After a while though you’re typing fingers are numb nubs that don’t have enough life to Tweet. For now, we wear our parkas and scarves. The office looks like the JC Penney winter catalog.

We’ve seen some technicians come by and test the temperature. For a while they swore everything was working, but now even they admit that it’s cold. It might have been the deep, long, cuddly hugs we gave them. It’s all we can do to stay warm.

And then there’s the grinding. Right above me right now there’s a heater grinding as if at any moment it might dispense some sausage. But it doesn’t generate anything but a steady gnawing at my psyche.
So please help Mr. Landlord. It’s the holidays for !@*&! sake.

Tebowing for Tim Tebow: The Fad that’s Spanking Planking

Or is it? Does Tebowing have the staying power of Planking, or Horsemanning for that matter? We thought we’d ask in an all-important poll.

[poll id=”4″]

Some background: While I’ve only heard about some of these trends, I do know that Planking is lying rigid, with arms at your side, like a plank. Photo evidence of your plankability would then be provided to the Internet. People who do this are not called Plankton.

Tebowing or this?“Mushkining” is this insane move pulled off by founder/CEO Bill Mushkin. Not sure if it’s going to take off. (Thanks Elliot!)

Tebowing is the new craze in which you pay tribute to the Denver Bronco’s quarterback (American Football, NFL) by dropping whenever and wherever you want to do a little prayer. It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing–you drop and pray. The weirder the better.

The question has already been brought up by Cedar in Customer Support: “People have died from planking.
How long until Tebowing gets someone killed?”
And, if so, is it a straight shot to heaven?

Quick Apple iPhone 4S Siri Demo

When I first heard of Siri I thought people were abuzz about Tom Cruise and Katie Holme’s daughter. I read one Tweet that said “Siri is wicked” and I thought, “Sweet jeeso she’s only like five.” And her name is “Suri.” Luckily the social media outburst was all about the speech-recognizing “personal assistant” that comes with the Apple iPhone 4S. As it turns out, she (in America all I’ve heard is a female voice) is pretty wicked. Check out this demo we did at

Bad girl Siri! Pretty cool though. With both a speech input and output, you can speak into it and Siri responds. It’s more than you get from most humans (unless it’s’s legendary customer support.)

Beer Friday: Comedy with Stand-Up Comic Andrew Orvedahl

If you’ve ever worked in customer support then you know it’s good to kick back and laugh. This comic is great. As a matter of fact, our kegerator ran out and he was still funny. For the most part people were able to overlook the empty keg–but just don’t let it happen when there’s no comic relief. It’d be as dark as when we all thought we were going to get pizza for our open house party, but there was only vegetables and dip. Very dark. But let us move on and giggle.

I must also commend the management team. They took over the customer support phones while we drank water and laughed. Here’s the longer version that features our tracking their progress on the phones.

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