Forget Rick-rolling … Rebecca-rolling is our favorite Friday prank

You all have heard about Rick-rolling, right? That prank where you send a disguised hyperlink to a friend or coworker under the guise that it’s something important only to treat them, instead, to the dulcet tones of Rick Astley? Well that’s so last year. Rebecca-rolling—a phenomenon that’s sweeping the office— is the best new way to prank your coworkers and bring on the weekend.

The long road to internet success, part 2: When you’re consistently not consistent

Part 2 of the series, “The long road to internet success” Read Part 1 here

I’ve read that people who have children live longer. Not sure if that’s a punishment, but here it’s helpful to illustrate success. I’m not saying if you don’t have children you’re not a success. I have three and I’d love to hear from some non-breeders about how they sleep in and have extra cash. (And maybe in a sultry English accent not unlike Keira Knightley if at all possible.)

The point here is that kids are like goals: you gotta nurture them or they’ll never move out of the basement. And apparently that’s where I fail on a regular basis. I’m not tending to my goals and they’re wilting in the dark.

Hack the Dot goes to Durango

We’re headed to Durango, Colorado for most of next week for three days of hackathons, coffee and donut buying, and random acts of kindness. We can not tell you how happy this makes us. Durango is one of those little mountain towns that fills you with hope for humanity. The people are friendly and the restaurants are amazing. It has to be an awesome place because getting there is fraught with peril. There is no straight shot from Denver—and the drive is rife with obstacles including animals that bound out in front of your vehicle and prairie police with a talent for materializing out of thin air. Lynx have been spotted near Salida and at least one mountain pass has been known to give people religion. Still, it’s worth it.