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Domain Deals for May 2013: Viva la Discount Domains!

Your online promo code for COM/NET registration and renewal is DOMAINDEMAYO which roughly translates to “I don’t know much Spanish.” Still, it’s an easy way to declare victory over the French, if the French were high-priced domains instead of the invading forces at Puebla in 1862 (Yah, that’s a Cinco de Mayo reference that DOES NOT confuse it with Mexican Independence Day.)

These domain deals go for the entire month of May!  Click here for your Domain(s) of May, and use DOMAINDEMAYO for $10.25 COM/NET registration and renewal!

But you don’t need no stinking promo code.

No code required for new .MX domain names, previously $44.99, now just $29.99!cinco de mayo domain deals 

New .TV domains are only $10.99…

Register .PW for just $4.49!

New .BIZ are only  $4.99

and .US is now just  $3.99.

CO.UK registration price has dropped to $7.99…

.IM previously $10.95 now just $5.99,

.IN previously $8.99 now just $4.99 and

.DE was $15.99 now only $11.99!
.XXX is even hotter now at $10.99 (and like .TV, you can register it for multiple years at that price!)
Finally, buy any domain extension and get .ORG for just $5.99!
Enjoy those domain deals and know we’ve always got your back with the world’s greatest customer support.

Saint Patrick’s Day Domain Name Special

It’s early in the morning on St. Patrick’s Day and we’re going to try and convince our new corporate leaders to let us give you a discount.

Please hold.

All right. nOt much from management but Forker’s like, “whatever, maybe.

Forker is kind of the decider and We’re all buying her drinks. discount seems likely.

coms nad nets just 7.99 for a now!!! We got a code hold we gottacome up wit a code. hold on

it’slike not even 1pm. dude.

the code “stpartrickyeah”

com net 7.99 american.

i’ts just stpartrickyeah without the quotes

ends at 5pm MT. Today.

Domain and Web Hosting Deals with SEQUESTER: Our Shared Pain brings some Gain

The impasse over the federal budget has brought up the quite awful word “sequestration,” which sounds bodily and weird but is actually worse. It means that nondefense government programs will be cut by nine percent, and defense programs will be cut by 13 percent. Now that can’t be good for anyone, so we thought we’d help however we can.


Here’s more from Owen Borseth, our Vice President of Awesome.

Domain Names Promo Code for February, 2013

We like awesome and we love sauce; together they deliver on their promise with domain name savings on COM/NET registrations and renewals. Also, this month we’re throwing in deals on .CO domains! Indeed, awesomesauce.


Use AWESOMESAUCE for $10.25 COM/NET registrations and renewals and brand spankin’ new $9.99 .CO registrations. 

domain names promo code


But just so you know that you’re in good company, below are a few images the Internet dredged up under the search term “awesomesauce.”

awesome sauce chuck norris

awesome sauce


Domain Name Promo Code and Web Hosting Deals for December 2012

With the Mayan prediction of armageddon casting a shadow over the holidays, we think it’s time to consider what the end of the world might look like.

In short: You = Awesome. That’s the picture of the Apocalypse, my friends. When you know time is short, you do awesome things. With the specter of doom it’s time to domain name promo codeget the domain names that you’ve been tossing around in your head. To help you live the rest of your life to its fullest, we’ll throw in domain name discount.

Right now use “YOLO” for $10.25 COM/NET registrations and renewals

It will set you free to be who you want to be in life and online. And with all the freebies like Easy Email, URL forwarding, social URL forwarding, PageZen and Scrollkit websites, as well as the world’s greatest customer support, you can saunter into the great unknown with even greater confidence.

Other deals on domain names include: .CO.UK for $9.49, .BIZ $5.99, .US $3.99, .EU $5.99, .ME for $7.99, and when you buy any extension you get a .ORG domain name for $5.99. That, and our web hosting is only $4.99. That’s nuts. Well, not as nuts as not doing what you dream of doing. But we’re here to help you with that.

Cyber Monday Deals with Open, Revealing Company

Do they call it Black Friday because it’s truly dark? It’s that time of year you loathe to go out, when people are trampled for TVs and tickle dolls. We’d like to remind you that we’re not going to judge anyone for getting a deal on a flat screen, but we’d also like to say that you don’t need to do anything but hang out at home and be yourself. You don’t need to die for a tickle doll.


To make that point, neither did we. Because, yes, we’re a company, but we’re not your typical place of business. We’re people. Flesh and blood and, well, flesh. No cover ups or tricky fees. Just happy humans…who know what you want from a customer experience because we know what we want from a customer experience: Deals, customer support, and people we know and trust. We’ve got you covered (seriously, you can borrow our pants).

On November 26th, use the code, ‘CYBERFUNDAY’ for 20% off all new registrations, hosting, and PageZen websites.*

Even better, at you can be you. You might wonder WHY IN THE SWEET HOLIDAY SEASON IS THIS IMPORTANT?  Because when you have ideas, it’s nice to know that we’re here with an easy way to make your website happen. So get a deal on a domain this Cyber Monday. If you run into questions, consider them answered. You wonder if someone will care about your 9-dollar domain, we do. Crikey, WE’RE SITTING HERE IN OUR UNDERWEAR FOR YOU! You can trust that any company that puts itself out there like that isn’t afraid to go the extra distance for the customer.

OK, you don’t need someone shouting any more hype at you. Besides, it’s getting chilly in here.

*Offer expires midnight mst 11/28/12 and excludes .AG, .SC, .JOBS & .INFO registrations. 

Domain Name Savings! Your November 2012 Promo Code for Domain Savings

It’s about to be over. The presidential election of 2012 has many Americans wanting to move to the moon, or wherever we won’t be inundated with ridiculous domain name promo codecampaign commercials. “Did you know that Romney eats kittens?” “Are you aware that Obama is a Socialist zombie baby sniffer?” We all know too much about two dudes who are as human as the rest of us. We realized this mortality with the massive “Frankenstorm” called Sandy that ripped into our upper east side and took down trees, buildings and, sadly, lives.

But nearing the end of the election, and seeing how we’re all the same, vulnerable creatures, has us talking about UNITY. Your promo code for November 2012 is just that,UNITY, and if we can come together on anything, it’s that saving a little money is a good thing. That, and there’s really nothing as important as being safe and healthy. So buy or renew a COM/NET for just $10.25, or don’t. Maybe it’s a better time to play with the kids or go makeout with your significant other….or…OR…reach out to someone with whom you have disagreed and come together. Get all that done and we’ll be here with domain name savings and, of course, the world’s greatest customer support.

Some other deals to keep in mind are: .ME for 7.99, .EU for 5.99, .BIZ for 5.99, .US for 3.99, .CO.UK for 9.49 and, when you buy any extension, .ORG is just 5.99.

Domain Name Savings Promo Code for October 2012

It’s hard to come up with promo codes and not fall into cliche mode. This time of year “the leaves are falling and so are our prices” is a popular one. “Harvest great domains deals” is another. I mean you want to keep it familiar but without using Rocktober for the millionth time. We think we’ve found a compromise with PUMPKIN as the promo code and the cute, catchy phrase, “Carve out your space on the web.” And you’re probably like…”WHO THE @%@% CARES, JUST GIVE ME A DEAL!” And that we will. Lots of them. We have discounted .US domain names and .EU addresses and .ME domains and .ORG deals…and now promo code PUMPKIN gets you COM/NET registration AND renewal at $10.25 each.

So don’t be afraid this Halloween season, buy a freakin’ domain name.

Oh, you know those places that get you in for cheap and then kill you on the renewal…that’s not us. We’re all treats and no tricks…despite the frightening amount of cliches you might have to endure.
Domain name promo code October

Save Money! A thank you with promo code THANKYOU

That was awesome. As we’ve probably already let you know, Lifehacker ran a little poll about which company was the best domain name registrar. What amazes us is that we tweeted about it like we had typographical tourettes, and we poured it all over Facebook like ten of your most eager Farmville friends. We even peppered Linkedin, Google + and emailed thousands of you, yet you didn’t once complain. Thank you.

What makes us so proud is that we didn’t need to offer you any discounts, or promise any kickbacks in return, you simply voted. Nearly 5000 of you took a moment out of your busy day and made us the happiest people in the industry. Thank you. Or should we say…”THANKYOU”.

That’s your new promo code for $7.99 COM/NET registrations: THANKYOU

It only lasts until midnight Mountain Time tomorrow, and it’s the least we can do for the greatest customers in the world. That’s not pandering, that’s just us trying to find a way to put it into words. We’re blown away.

We had people sharing blog entries about us, and this dude on twitter setting some kind of record for Tweets about one company. best domain name registrar

That’s just a few of nearly 100 tweets he shot across the Twitscape.
















There was plenty of international love…





And @chrisfolk‘s impressive display of spirit, best domain name registrar












which came in second place in our “pictures of spirit contest” to whatever  @nickisashkir is doing here. It’s certainly regal.

best domain name registrar picture

Domain Deals and a True Hero: September Promo Code Pays Tribute to Neil Armstrong

For September we give you deals on domain names, and we pay tribute to astronaut Neil Armstrong with discounted opportunities for a new generation of big ideas and fearless pioneers. Your promo code to save on COM/NET registrations and renewals is WINK.

Neil Armstrong’s family offered up a humble and touching tribute for all to do: “Honor his example of service, accomplishment and modesty, and the next time you walk outside on a clear night and see the moon smiling down at you, think of Neil Armstrong and give him a wink.”

domain promo code neil armstrong

Here’s a man WHO LANDED ON THE MOON but didn’t once bother to jump on a book deal or host a game show…or any of those things people do to capitalize on fame. He simply went back to his life, only occasionally reporting to the public. At a rare press conference Armstrong said that, “I am, and ever will be, a white-socks, pocket-protector, nerdy engineer, born under the second law of thermodynamics, steeped in steam tables, in love with free-body diagrams, transformed by Laplace and propelled by compressible flow.”

Neil Armstrong is the OG. Original Geek. And before computer dudes were cool and throwing expensive parties for conferences (thank you, btw), there was Armstrong, hacking expectations and LANDING SOMETHING THAT LOOKED LIKE A TIN SHUTTLECOCK ON THE MOON.

So save on your domain names and share a little of the best humanity can offer. Use “WINK” on your shopping cart for $10.25 COM/NET reg/renew, and be sure to shoot a wink at the moon, and for all of the big dreams people like Neil Armstrong inspire.