How an Apple product release fuels domain sales


Apple recently announced their new programming language, Swift, at the annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco. We think the language is pretty neat looking and it made us very curious about how the announcement of the new language may have triggered a flood of sales of domains containing the word “swift.”

Our question: Did the announcement of Swift drive sales of domains containing the word “swift” in them?

What we found: We pulled stats on domain registrations at containing the word “swift” for the last 30 days (May 6-June 5) and found that there was a large spike in “swift” domain registrations around WWDC.


We thought that it was pretty cool to be able to see and visualize how an Apple product launch drives domain sales. Within minutes of the announcement, domains containing the word “swift” were being snapped up by both domain investors and people looking to create tutorial/resource websites.

Besides just looking at how many“swift” domains were snapped up, we decided to look at our data even closer and see which domain name extensions won the “swift” registration battle.


This graph is interesting because, while it showed us that .COM would win out in which domain extension would get the most registrations, it also showed us that .COM had some fierce competition. Exactly 50% of registrations were for an extension other than .COM, with 35% of those registrations being a gTLD, and the other 15% being a New TLD.

We found this data pull on registrations really interesting and thought we’d share what we learned with you. It’s pretty cool to be able to see how an Apple product launch fuels sales in other industries and even sparks new business opportunities. We’ve already seen some of the “swift” domain purchases come to life as resources for people looking to learn Apple’s Swift. You can check out what one customer is putting together on their new Swift domain at

If you want to try and find your own “swift” domain, you can click here to start searching.


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