New Dots Going In New Directions

Looking through the list of new gTLDs (nTLDs), there are many that have very practical uses for a lot of people. A .bank domain makes a lot of sense from the bank and the customer’s perspective to ensure security and market effectively. Being environmentally friendly is popular, important and covered by .eco or .green. No matter what your profession or interest, chances are that there is a nTLD for you. It easy to see why most of the nTLDs were applied for.

On top of the nTLDs you would probably expect, there are a few you might be surprised to learn about. These nTLDs boldly defy common convention and in some cases even reality. As a company that values breaking the mold, we love these nTLDs are excited to offer them. Here are a look at some of our office favorites and what we hope they will be used for.


As a mythical beast that represents pure badassery, the unicorn is as close as anything to an official mascot. Anyone who has not tried the konami code on our website should definitely check it out. Although the last reliable unicorn sighting hasn’t been for several years (my brother’s wife’s cousin’s friend swears…) unicorns remain as captivating as ever.

What we are imaging

The .unicorn nTLD will allow people to finally own this mythical best. Flying.unicorn, fast.unicorn, purple.unicorn – pick your favorite! No matter what kind of unicorn you want, the .unicorn space will make your dream a reality.

What’s closer to the truth

.Unicorn is being applied for a European technology company so that they can more easily communicate with their customers. It appears that while they offer a wide range of technology services, they do not sell legendary animals.


Stealthy warriors who live in the shadows, the ninja is never there and always there. Even the non teenage-mutant kinds are still pretty awesome.

What we are imaging

Upon purchase of a .Ninja domain, you do in fact become a ninja. Skilled in martial arts and deception, owning a .ninja domain allows you to fight for truth, justice and honor from the shadows. Also throwing stars. Lots of throwing stars.

What’s closer to the truth

Our Sys Admin has been signing all of his emails “Sr. System Administrator (IT Ninja)” since long before this nTLD came around. Used as a synonym for “expert” in the tech industry, .ninja has a lot of great potential for online experts looking to standout in the crowd. Also owning a katana may be slightly more justified.


There is a heavy office debate over who would win a fight between a viking or ninja. It’s hard to discount the whole life of fighting and plundering thing even against throwing stars.

What we are imaging

The viking nTLD will finally create a space for vikings on the go to connect with each other.  After a long row or difficult raid, find the maiden you always hoped for on or download your favorite epic poem from Finally a place on the Internet for vikings from vikings.

What’s closer to the truth

.Viking is being applied for by a cruise operator headquarter in Los Angeles. Their application states that domain is not available for public registration. So while our dreams of owning may be dashed, at least we don’t have to worry about the whole being sacked and looted thing.

and finally the office favorite…


Of all the nTLDs on this list, what we are thinking and what the nTLD is are actually the same thing. This is a nTLD for everything horse. How cool is that?! Although does not own a horse (yet) .horse has become a constant in email threads and office conversations. Expect a disproportionate amount of .horse domains to be registered at if only because every employee here wants one.

Come to think of it, the only two types of nTLDs on this list are equestrian animals and ancient lifestyles. I guess we all want to be horse riding ninjas or unicorn riding vikings. We’ll probably stick to being a kick ass domain registrar for now, but if you need a horse riding viking or unicorn riding ninja– send our support team an email and we will see what we can do.

Which ones are we missing? What are your favorites?