New TLD Nic: Sunrise within the next month?

He’s the world’s undisputed leader in New TLD knowledge. That’s what makes him New TLD Nic, and he’s got another update for you. Here’s the big news, kiddos:

Sunrise registrations for select New TLDs could begin in 15-30 days.

That’s right, The New Dots are finally—FINALLY—here. Almost. They’re close enough that we can smell ’em. (They smell like bacon.)

Here are a few other important updates, which will sound much better coming from Nic (watch the video!) than from the text on your computer screen:

  • We’ll send information about sunrise and landrush dates for specific New TLDs as those dates approach. You can sign up or update your watcher right here.
  • ICANN has settled on a proposal for handling name collisions.
  • Rights Protection Mechanisms are also in place, which will govern the rules for sunrise.
  • Oh yeah … Nic estimates sunrise periods for some New TLDs will begin in 15-30 days. That’s 15-to-30. That’s really soon.

Anyway, that’ s enough yammering from us. Take it away, Nic.