Actors, Thespians, Performers, Players, Understudies, Ventriloquists: .ACTOR DOMAINS ONLY 99 CENTS

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It takes a rare soul to get up on stage and reveal yourself to the world, so don’t waste valuable rehearsal time trying to figure out your marketing. You can let a .ACTOR domain name do that for you. This week during Bottoms Rupp you can get your .ACTOR Domain Names for only $0.99.

Bottoms Rupp takes place Thursday from 3-5pm MST. Click the beer below for more information on how you can get a .ACTOR domain name for less than a dollar.

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What does this mean?

For less than a dollar you can get and:

1. Forward it to your existing web presence (like a Tumblr, LinkedIn, Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter) for a memorable and impressive website.
2. Turn it into your email with our free email forwarding.
3. Win an audition before it even begins.

That’s the cool thing: Now your domain name says not only who you are, but what you do. People will take you and your work seriously before they even click and see the sizzle. And you know you sizzle.

Unlike this guy.