Get on stage and share your business idea at Denver Insight Night


Have you got an idea that will change the world? Or Arvada? We’d like to hear about your business and how it’s changing the economy, the culture and/or the universe. The show is called Denver Insight Night, and it takes place the night of Tuesday, Sept. 16 during the very popular Denver Startup Week. Here’s what you gotta do: Send us your pitch for a presentation. Keep it short and snappy. Include your brief synopsis of the story that people will see. I say “see” because Insight Night is inspired by the people who do Ignite Denver, so each presentation includes 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds. If your pitch is voted in, you make the slides and we’ll help all we can along the way.

Here’s a sample of a quick pitch for Denver Insight Night:

Conference Calls Need to Die
You’ve all been there, hunched over a rudimentary phone device while someone drones on with information that you could absorb without all the awkwardness. That’s what my company, Conferential, plans to do: shrink the time you take on the phone, and streamline your life with three easy clicks on a computer. Be prepared to be blown away.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how Ignite works, and what you could be doing in front of a crowd of hundreds

That’s how you do an Ignite, or in this case, an Insight. It’s fun. It’s often done with beer, and we can guarantee you’ll feel more awesome than ever while on stage. (Oh, you may have seen that I was dressed like Clippy of Microsoft fame. You don’t have to do that. It was a special Ignite Denver costume contest.)

There will be some differences for Insight Night. Well, one, really. And that’s that you can shill. You’ll be talking about your business, after all.

So let’s do this. We don’t have a lot of time, but we know you don’t mind putting in the effort for some exposure. We look forward to it.

Here’s the timeline of how this will all go down:

Thursday, August 28: Deadline for Pitches
We’ll be choosing 8 pitches to go on stage. Good luck.

Monday, September 8: Meeting to Run Through Your Presentation
Don’t get crazy about perfection. This will be a good time to get feedback and improve.

Tuesday, September 16: The big show with free tacos (At the Alliance Center, 6pm)
You’ll feel ready to rock the tech world.

To get started, think of your pitch and send to We’ll post the pitches for a voting period between August 25 and August 28. We’ll notify all entrants of their status, and then we are off towards a fantastic Denver Insight Night at Denver Startup Week.

Look forward to it!
Jared Ewy community guy

PS – There will be tacos.