Denver Startup Week, Tacos, Insight, Success, Failure, Tacos

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There are several amazing things that are going to happen in Denver on Tuesday, September 16.

First of all, the tacos are free. That’s right. Just Tweet us for Tacos because we’ve taken the legendary Comida truck hostage for two hours right outside the Alliance Center in downtown Denver. That will happen from 4-6pm. The second thing will happen right after we eat tacos at 6-ish p.m.

comida truck

We’re capturing this vehicle for you.

The second thing is Insight Night: more free entertainment with inspiring people sharing their stories of business, life, success and even failure. Insight Night is produced by the same people who make the popular Ignite brand rock so fabulously (the next one being October 9th at the Oriental Theater). So if you’re in town visiting, a participant of Denver Startup Week, or perhaps passing through with a big load from Pueblo to Cheyenne, then come by. As a matter of fact, if you’re an actual trucker and you stop by for a taco and some enlightenment, we’ll give you the web address for free (startup events need more truckers).

Get more information about how to get your taco at That’s pretty much it.

The rest of this you don’t need to read but I’ll add it just because… we went to the Denver Startup Week breakfast this morning with keynote speaker Dave McClure. We also heard from Colorado companies Wayin and Ibotta. If what we saw and learned is any indication of what you’ll receive during DSW, then your brain could explode. But not in like a terrible Arnold-Schwarzenegger-just-shot-me-in-an-action-movie explode. We’re talking like a supernova of sweet intellectual inspiration, my friends. Get out and enjoy the many free events that are going on throughout the week. You can always find out what we’re doing and where we’ll be with our Twitter, Facebook and we’ll even share the highlights on our YouTube channel.