Hack the Dot Seattle was the toast of the town

Hack the Dot came to Seattle last week to bring lots of nerdy goodness to The Emerald City. About 60 people—designers, devs, marketers, bloggers, and a few wayward souls yet to be defined by professional labels—dove into the task of creating a functional web product for a domain name revealed at the start of the event: sandwich.news.

Armed with free pizza and beer, it seemed like participants could accomplish anything … and they did. The teams created everything from an animated talking sandwich to a horoscope that aligns your sign with the sandwich that’s right for you. There was even a Chrome plugin to soften the news with sandwich-related nouns (Cecil the Lion was shot with a pickle, for example).

Despite all of this amazing technology, the most incredible advent of the evening was good old-fashioned collaboration. It’s truly weird and awe-inspiring to see strangers become coworkers and party peers in a matter of minutes.

At the end of the night, five teams were chosen to pitch their product. All of the presentations were moving in all kinds of ways (but mostly the funny way). That’s the goal of the Hack the Dot: make it funny and make it functional. By the time we had a winner, even the non-winners had gained something valuable along the way.

Our next Hack the Dot event will be in Seattle at the new (and swanky) Galvanize digs on the evening of Wednesday, Aug. 26. You can follow along with all the latest Hack the Dot news by subscribing to our blog and following us on Twitter and Facebook.