Come meet us at the Great American Beer Festival

One of the biggest beer events in the nation is happening this weekend—and where there is beer, there are Namers.

Join us Thursday Sept. 24 through Saturday Sept. 26 for the Great American Beer Festival in Denver!

The Great American Beer Festival brings together a diverse array of U.S. brewers, beers, and, of course, beer lovers. Come and taste thousands of different beers brewed by more than 700 of America’s greatest brewers.

And if a selection of over 3,500 beers isn’t enough variety for you, you’re in luck—there are a ton of booze-related New Domains that brewers and beer enthusiasts can use for their website! These are just a few of our favorites:


.PUB isn’t just for publishers—it can work for your pub too! This domain is available for anyone to register, so you can snag it as an informative, interesting way to share your website with others.


A .BAR domain is great for anyone who owns or works for a bar. Even if you don’t have a website, you can register a .BAR domain name and forward it to one of your business’s social media accounts that has a steady following. That way, patrons can easily locate you online and stay updated about specials and upcoming events.


Ok, this domain might be stretching it a little, but it’s certainly appropriate for a beer event! Alternatively, .BUZZ would be a great domain for anyone whose website offers the latest news and rumors about breweries or connects beer enthusiasts through forums.


Anyone who is serious about great beer needs a .BEER website! Not only do you benefit from having a relevant keyword right in your URL, but it also helps web browsers understand exactly what your website is about.

We’ll also be hanging out with some of the folks from .BEER at our Great American Beer Festival booth, so swing by to say hello if you’re attending the this year. And if you can’t spot us, just look for a giant sign with a bearglecorn on it. We’re counting on there not being too many of those around.

Sarch for .pub, .bar, .beer and more