Customer Highlight: Meet Jan, the Guy Behind Jan.Photos


We’re really excited to watch how people are beginning to use the New Domains. We’ve been seeing some great creations that are truly a part of Internet history, because they’re embracing the biggest change to the Internet since the Internet was created.

We recently talked to customer (and awesome photographer!) Jan Grewe, who is using the short and memorable domains name to show off his photography work.

We asked Jan a few questions about why he’s using .PHOTOS, why he picked, and his love for new technology.

Why did you pick .PHOTOS?

I picked .PHOTOS (and .PHOTOGRAPHY) as I was hoping to get a nice and short domain, instead of the usual “”. It just so easy to remember. When I get asked “Jan, where do I find your photos?”  I can just reply “on” The TLD just makes sense, and still being able to register such a short one made it a no-brainer.

How easy was it to set up .PHOTOS?

Setting it up was just as easy as with any other domain I’ve registered through you guys: from the idea to setting it up on my own nameservers in under 5 minutes. And my worries about any software or services not knowing about these new TLDs was completely unfounded, everything is working just as fine as with the old CNO TLDs.

How does it feel to be one of the first to use one of the New Domains?

It’s a bit exciting to have all these new opportunities you just didn’t have with the quite limited choice of domains that existed until now, mostly because somebody else already had the same idea as you, only a couple of years earlier. The New Domains definitely level the playing field again, and everybody basically gets not only a second chance, but dozens of chances to get a great domain name.

How did you hear about .PHOTOS?

I think I found out about .photos through either your newsletter or the Domain Watcher, which I’m using quite a lot to see what other cool domains I could register,and there’s really a lot of fun names you can create with the upcoming TLDs!

Why do you use

I use because I was looking for a registrar who offers a wide range of TLDs and is comparably inexpensive, but still offers good customer service—and you guys don’t just tick all those boxes, you even decorate them with little a <3, so to speak. There may be cheaper (and I use this word deliberately) registrars out there, but I didn’t want go with them because sometimes you hear really horrible stories about their support and general way of dealing with customers and their domains. So then I found and I really like your attitude, how easy your site was to use, and that you didn’t constantly try to upsell me stuff I don’t need. So that’s why I use because I really like what you’re doing!

Have you always been an early adopter of new technology?

Yes, absolutely! I love trying out new things and playing around with technology. I love Kickstarter and software development and generally everything DIY/Hacking, which is also why I decided to host all my domains and websites myself (sorry guys!), so that I can try really everything that’s out there and sounds like it’s either useful or just a lot of fun—and that’s quite a lot.

You can see Jan’s site at Jan.Photos.