We’re going to Yes and Yes Yes this week! #yxyy003


We’re going to be gloriously nerdy (and probably overheated at times) at Yes and Yes Yes in Palm Springs from this Friday to Monday.

What is Yes and Yes Yes (YxYY)?
Yes and Yes Yes is a gathering of thinkers, futurist, nerds, and self-proclaimed weirdos. It’s a place for funky ideas to come to life, and fun information to be shared. At YxYY, creative people better understand what makes them so creative and further their pursuit of creativity by sharing the information that makes their minds tick in overdrive.

Yes and Yes Yes was created with the theory that “if you get a group of smart, engaged individuals together in the right place that great things would happen.” It’s a simple and intuitive idea, which is why name.com was so excited to sponsor and support the event. We want to support the pursuit of creativity and help people who are idea machines bring their ideas to life.

What are we doing at YxYY?
We’re meeting tons of amazingly awesome people, supporting their ideas, and subtly spreading the good word that new domains like .ninja and .social exist.

We’re also going to be making a bunch of videos, in addition to a mini-documentary of the event. You can be the first to see our mini-documentary here: yes.video

We’re beyond excited…
Jared, Sean, and me (Alex) are all way excited for this weekend. We’re going to try not to get sunburns in the desert, and want to come back with our brains¬†filled to the brim with new¬†ideas.