Employee Shares His Bike to Work Day Experience

One of our developers Nick was pretty pumped on “bike to work day” and offered to write a blog post for us. Below is the email we received from him:

As it turns out, I suck at writing, so I might need your guys help. Any thoughts on how I can make what’s below suck less? 

We think he did just fine, here’s what he wrote:

Another bike to work day is upon us. This year, just over 33% of chose risk the heat and smoke filled air, to mount their two-wheeled steel unicorns and pedal into work. Some of us rode in today because it was bike to work day. Some of us rode in just to show off our brand new bikes. One person forgot what today is and walked to work (and has spent the day giving back rubs to those who rode in as punishment). Mostly, people rode their bikes in today, because that’s what they do every day. This is Colorado with its plethora of sunshine, bike lanes, and spandex. Plus, as most of us have found, biking is a great way to work up a thirst of some tasty micro brew.

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Our bikers have never been accused of being on performance enhancing drugs.