Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Aldean, Justin Bieber & Breast Cancer Awareness Month on trenD

Before we do anything, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we should mention Breasts of Colorado, a very cool local project that is a lot of fun, and would be a great fundraiser for your community.

And now…to marry trends and domain names…

This week we made our HR department very nervous by discussing breasts a lot and loudly, but it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, and if you’re like most of us, you’ve been affected directly or indirectly by the savage beast that is cancer. Our big question is: “Do other cancers get near this much attention?” Of course not. These are breasts we’re talking about. We also discuss some other boobs, including Arnold Swarzenegger and country music star, Jason Aldean. Both of these guys have had to come out and apologize for extramarital affairs. What do we think about their activities? Well, we shouldn’t judge, but Justin Bieber offers a fitting tribute.

Rated R for Reverse Peristalsis

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