2012 as told by low budget Internet video


We’re lucky to have a company that doesn’t mind trying things. Sometimes, I think, that it can indeed be very trying, especially to management, to the art world, and to the customer. But often we are able to drum up that rare combination of information and entertainment. Here’s how the year began, with a city in turmoil over its starting quarterback. Still, despite Tim Tebow throwing footballs like bags of soup, he brought his trademark Tebow-style miracles to the Mile High City. And we took full advantage of it.


Everyone at some point learns a valuable business lesson. It’s not everyone that shares it publicly. We tried this confounded “Likes for Promo Code” promotion that failed miserably. I was so proud that we were able to pull it out of the toilet with this video featuring Elsa Mushkin (Founder Bill’s daughter) as the CEO.

Oh, and we had all-pro Denver Bronco running back Willis McGahee come in to help around the office.


I’m not going to say I’m overly pleased with my rapping ability. In my head I’m awesome; it’s manifesting those delusions into reality that proved to be, well, impossible. And when I talk about me, in the first person, I’m talking about the bulbous bald guy who opens this video. Everyone else is great. Even Bill, the company’s founder, got into this, and it’s not bad at all for a quick production. OK, I lie. It wasn’t a quick production. It took a month of extra shooting and voiceovers and late nights that tumored into the next morning. We’ll never make fun of rappers again.

And really makes you shake your head as to why I’d try this. The comments are a fun read.


Part of our whole rap promotion was Retweeting for a new iPad. The winner of the contest was a guy in Egypt. We got a hold of him on Skype to let him know he won. We know that Apple products are popular, but we had no idea they’d transcend borders and language barriers to turn awkwardness into awesomeness.


We step up our affiliate program. There was some other stuff, but this simple little way to make money online is do dang easy it has to get some end-o-year love.


The bikes. We got our bikes from Bill and if anything says “Name.com” more than these saucy cruisers than we’ve yet to discover it. Well, beer does. So we included both of them together in this introductory video.


Tensions were at an all time high. There were meetings with bitter arguments, emails riddled with discontent, and eventually an entire overhaul of how things get done. To help ease the tension, we created a trailer for a reality show. The actual reality show really never took off, because there isn’t a whole lot of drama around here. Ok, I lied again. There’s drama all over the place, but we’d rather shoot the funny stuff.

Oh, and we went to HostingCon in Boston, and just love the interviews we got, especially Rebecca Corliss from Hubspot and Robby Slaughter of AccelaWork.


We start a series of interviews with experts called “The Insightful.” We get some good interviews, but few as good as this very open and honest guy we call Bill.

We also bring back our trends show. It looks to be going away for ’13.


More than any other domain name registrar we latch onto the New TLDs. In this ad we realize the potential of these new domain extensions, and it involves time travel and Monica Lewinsky.

And we try and lure our Presidential candidates away from GoDaddy.

And photo bomb a hot model (my personal fav.)


Our competitor buys votes and takes the number 1 spot in the Lifehacker poll. We’re not bitter. We make the best of it.

And we hit the streets to talk about domain names.


In an idea that was viewed with much skepticism and fear, we all come to work in our underwear.

Somehow that leads to love in the office.


We survive the Mayan Apocalypse.

So that’s 2012 in video. Come by for a cup of coffee whenever you’d like. We could use you in a video for 2013…