Bearglecorn thinks he’s gonna be a big star, demands a .TV domain

How to purchase a .TV domain and use URL forwarding at

This is Part 3 in a series of posts about building a WordPress website using’s products and account management features. Previously, we purchased a domain name and created a RapidPress website.

Bearglecorn has expressed interest in creating video tutorials and webisodes. He doesn’t even have a video camera or a YouTube account, but what the client wants, the client gets. I’ll create a video section on his website, but to really give his video content a boost I’m going to set him up with a .TV domain name.

.TV domains are a great way to brand your video content, and with URL forwarding, I can purchase a .TV domain and have it redirect to the video section of will be a lot easier for people to remember than Best of all …

.TV domain registrations are just $10.99 at, but for a limited time only

The process of buying a .TV domain is the same as buying any other domain at, so I’ll just search, add it to my shopping cart, and complete the order.


Creating the web page for

So we have a .TV domain. Now we need a web page for that domain. I’ll log in to the WordPress dashboard and create a video page.

Step 1: Click “Add new” from the “Pages” menu.


Step 2: Give the new page a title and some basic copy. I added a YouTube video URL (WordPress will create the embedded YouTube format automatically) just to fill out the page.


Step 3: Publish the page!’s video section is now live.


Setting up URL forwarding for

The URL that WordPress generated for the video page is That’s going to be tough to remember for anyone who would want to type it directly into an address bar. That’s what is for.

Step 1: I logged in to my account and clicked on the domain. That brought me to this page, where I clicked the link for URL Forwarding (located in the menu on the left):


Step 2: I pasted the complete URL for the video page into the “URL” field, and then clicked “Add Forwarding.” I chose a masked URL forward, so that will still show in the address bar when the video page on loads.


Step 3: Let’s give a try. Sure enough, it redirects to the video page. We’re done!


For more information on URL forwarding, check out this article from’s support team or watch the following video.

Next week I’ll start customizing the look and feel of, because right now it’s really ugly and boring.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 2:27 am June 13, 2013

It looks easy … great!