The startup culture scavenger hunt

We’ve poked fun at startup culture in recent weeks (like here, here, and here), but we’re not exactly wearing suits and ties and sitting in a maze of cubicles. may not be a true startup these days, but we’ve got some startup tendencies.

1. Interns

Startups love interns. They especially love unpaid interns. But we’ve only got one intern: Alex Kehr*, who brings us coffee and serves as a makeshift footrest for our marketing manager, Ashley Forker. This will look great on his résumé.


*Alex also handles our social media accounts.

2. A ping-pong table

Yup, we’ve got one. Here are business analyst Ben Wenger (left) and software engineer Pat Ramsey (right), working hard at 3:29 p.m. on a Thursday.


3. Unusual seating options

That thing in the middle of the photo is called a “chair” (especially if you’re one of our software engineers). That thing on the right is called “clutter.”


4. A casual dress code

Here’s Alex again, sitting in the kitchen and salting an unpeeled orange (don’t ask).


5. An industrial office setting

When you’re in startup mode, you’re too busy “crushing it” to worry about petty concerns like “ceilings.”


6. Quirky office decorations

I think we’ve got this one covered. This is the sign on the ladies’ room door:


And here’s the wall above the urinal in the men’s room. It’s a little unsettling.


7. Macs everywhere

Here’s customer support representative Jeremiah Stanley saying goodbye at the end of the day. The hours between 5 p.m. and 9 a.m. are sad and lonely.


8. Located in the Bay Area or New York

Big fail on this one. We’re in Denver. No bays, bridges, or $3,000-a-month studio apartments. Just mountains.


9. No attempt to hide our love of beer

A kegerator? With local microbrews on tap? That should count double.


10. Eschewing motor vehicles as the primary mode of transportation

We’ve got cyclists and walkers. Me? I’m just a gas-guzzling heathen.