Swee.ping, chop.ping, cam.ping, and more: Name.com wins Radix “Polaroid a TLD” Contest


A few months ago Radix held a cool contest involving Polaroid cameras and New TLDs. The contest rules were pretty simple: Registrars were to choose a favorite TLD among Radix’s 29 New TLD applications, and then use a Polaroid camera to take a photo that communicates that New TLD.

After some brainstorming, Name.com decided to go with .PING. Our idea was to show a bunch of “-ping” verbs in action, all in one shot. So (from left to right) Caroline Temple is JUMP.ING, Ashley Forker is SIP.PING, Kyle Robbins is BARHOP.PING, Nick Salvadore is PIM.PING, Shannon Brown is SWEE.PING, Nic Steinbach is DOGNAP.PING, and Jon Liu is SLAP.PING. Ethan Conley is on the ground CAM.PING (though it looks more like NAP.PING), and Alex Kehr is in the background, CHOP.PING.

And guess what? We won!

It was totally worth wearing pimp suits and laying in sleeping bags in a park on a 95-degree day. Our reward is an all-expenses paid company outing on Radix’s dime. We’ve decided to go Go-Karting. Thanks for choosing us, Radix!

You can check out all of the contest submissions on Radix’s Facebook page.

As a bonus, here’s Alex again, looking like the world’s most joyful axe murderer.