Get to know the marketing team

Last week we introduced you to the customer support team with a series of short videos about each team member. They’re seriously the coolest cats in the building.

Up next is the marketing team. I’ll let Ashley Forker, our Marketing Manager, handle the introduction:

Like laser beams and buttercream frosting, the marketing team is an exciting, delicious bunch that works to make every moment a special occasion. It’s a busy place, the marketing pod, as it’s where¬†‘s popular Blog, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube accounts are fed their insatiable diet of non-marketing marketing goodness. That’s the trick: how do you market without marketing? You inform and you get customers involved in things they care¬†about. You’ll see that often with our renowned affiliate programs and the countless campaigns that offer endless customer benefits.

I’m not sure what she’s talking about with the laser beam frosting thing. That sounds dangerous and not at all appetizing. Forker is kinda out there sometimes. Anywho, on to the videos!

Ashley Forker, Marketing Manager

Caroline Temple, Affiliate Program Manager

Jared Ewy, Social Media Smartass

Alex Kehr, Social Media Specialist

Ethan Conley, Copywriter

Harvey Specter
Posted at 12:50 pm November 11, 2013

Ashley Forker here – For the record, that beautiful quote about the marketing team is the masterful work of Jared Ewy. Though i do love laser beams and buttercream frosting. And him. And this team.