The University of Colorado Invasion at


Everybody who works at already has special sense of camaraderie that is truly unique for a workplace, but the amount of University of Colorado alumni and attendees who work here really adds another level to how well we all get along. We’ve all wandered the stunning CU campus, where we learned how to be successful both socially and professionally.

So, who are the Namers who attended (or currently attend) a University of Colorado school and now work at, helping people discover how they can build awesome stuff on the Internet? They’re Alex, Dave, Shannon, Smitty, Ashley, Nic, Jared, and Scott.

Here are their smiley head shots:


That’s a pretty solid posse of alumni and current students from the University of Colorado! But what exactly do the CU alumni do? Here’s an overview of what they’re up to when they’re working … and a secret about them they’re willing to reveal:

  • Dave: Senior Director, Software Engineering. Before Dave found his way to glory, he said, “I wanted to be a Ninja Turtle when I grew up.”
  • ShannonManager, Product & Project Management. Shannon loves Colorado so much, that she claims to be from here even though she isn’t: “I tell people I’m a Colorado native because I’ve lived here since I was 2, but I was actually born in Ohio. Shame!”
  • Ashley: Manager, Marketing. It makes sense that Ashley is a manager because if you take the “a” out of the middle of the word manager, you get the French verb for “to eat.” This makes sense because Ashley said, “The best way to my heart is through my stomach.”
  • Alex: Social Media Marketing Specialist. Alex has been a secret nerd for a long time. He explained, “I made my first website when I was in the fourth grade. It was a Pokemon animated gif fansite. It was awesome.”
  • SmittySoftware Engineer. Besides wearing a visor all of the time, Smitty has been known to, “moonlight as a physicist!”
  • Jared: Community Evangelist. We’re not sure whether to believe that Jared’s secret is true: “I’ve been hit by lightning.”
  • Scott: Manager, Sales & Compliance. Scott may have the least scandalous secret out of anybody at “I love root beer!”
  • Nic: Associate Project Manager. Nic lives an exciting life, as demonstrated by his secret (which is more of an Iowa tourism tip): “My favorite place in Iowa is the World’s Largest Truck Stop. If you haven’t been, check it out!”

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