We’re having a hackathon on Thursday and Friday!


We’re having a hackathon on Thursday and Friday, which is going to be a spectacular display of geek meets wizardry. That’s right, we’re making some magical stuff! The only real rules for the hackathon are:

  1. Can’t work on work.
  2. Must create something New TLD related.

So, what is a hackathon?

If you’re not sure what a hackathon is, it’s essentially a codefest. This means that it’s an event where we rapidly develop and prototype ideas that are unrelated to our everyday work duties and drive our business forward. In this case, we’ll be making products or features that promote New TLD adoption and usage. Once the prototypes of the ideas are built, they’ll be voted on internally, and then a few products or Name.com features will be given the resources to keep living on.

Hackathons are a staple in the tech industry because it’s recognized that when people have the ability to step away from their every day duties, they have a unique opportunity to create a product or feature that they believe is missing from the company they work for. It’s a time to let creativity thrive and embrace the intrepreneur mentality. An example of a company that has found great success with hackathons is Facebook. Some of the most integral features of the Facebook were created during one of their infamous hackathons, including: the like button, the chat functionality, and video.

The potential impact of a hackathon

Hackathons can be extremely valuable because they’re moments to think freely, with almost no limitations. They are time that has been set aside to think differently. They’re a quest for the next really good idea that can drive our business and the Name.com site experience forward.

We’ll be live Tweeting the hackathon on the account @RightsideBuilds. Follow the Twitter account if you want to see what gets built in the Name.com Denver office and the Rightside offices in Kirkland, Denver, and Austin.