7 great things about working in Denver

7 great things about working in Denver

Denver is known for a lot of things: Being a mile above sea level, its close proximity to the ski slopes, the National Western Stockshow. But ask a local what the best part about working and living in Denver is, and they’re likely to give you a very different answer.

1. Green chile

green chile

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No matter what New Mexico may say, Denver is home to some of the best green chile in the nation. From Los Farolitos to El Taco de Mexico, delectable Mexican cuisine is around every corner in Denver, serving top-notch food smothered in this beloved condiment. (Just stay away from Casa Bonita and you’ll be fine.)

2. Vibrant nightlife

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When you live and work in Denver, you also get to play in Denver! Aside from a thriving bar and club scene, Colorado residents take more trips to theaters, concert halls, and museums than any other state. No matter what you may be in the mood for at 5 p.m. on a Friday, chances are you’ll find it in Denver.

3. Decent public transportation

light rail

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While Colorado as a whole has a ways to go before it can boast a great public transportation system, Denver has got it pretty covered. From bus systems to the light rail to the super cool Denver B-cycle, there are lots of alternatives to driving during the daily commute.

4. Canine-friendly businesses


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In 2012, Men’s Health ranked Denver No.5 for the most dog-friendly cities in the U.S. You’ll see “Dogs Welcome” signs in hotels, shops, and restaurants throughout the Mile-High City. In fact, Name.com has a dog-friendly office!

5. Microbreweries everywhere

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There are over 200 breweries in Colorado, many of which call Denver their home. Denverites can pop into Denver Beer Co., Wynkoop Brewery, or an array of other microbreweries after a long day of work to enjoy craft beers made right here.

6. 300 days of sunshine

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It’s a small task to go for a stroll during your lunch break when you get as much sunshine as we do. Even in the dead of winter, it’s rare to get a day without at least a few hours of sun.

7. Top-notch people watching

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The motley group that makes up Coloradans never fails to entertain. People here are kind of weird (in a good way), which means there is always something interesting to see.


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