Rules and reasons for an extended Cosplay Day

It’s not unlike wearing a suit to a meeting, but this meeting takes place in an amazing fantasy world and the people you’re trying to impress are in the millions.

Cosplay Day is on a Saturday, August 29, but we feel you should do a rehearsal Friday at work. If your boss is against it, remind him or her that a happy employee gets more work done…so you can imagine how awesome it would be to have a heroic comic book legend doing your collating.

The rules of cosplay in general are pretty basic. They’re summed up pretty well in this slightly edited meme:

cosplay rules

It seems that it’s best to simply be yourself. It also seems that those who aren’t dressed up might wish they were. Wearing a cape and donning a sword adds power to any position, and there’s nothing like a pic of you dressed as your favorite anime character to show camaraderie with its global fans.

Cosplay is big, which is why we’ve teamed up with the new .MOE domain name to promote Cosplay Day. The domain, pronounced Moh-ay, can refer a specific kind of adorable found in fictional characters. It’s also a word expressing a deep feeling of passion for something you love. And .MOE really should be the official domain of cosplay because you have to be passionate about a fictional character to dress up like one in the heat of August.

Thank you .MOE for the costumes! Now we’ve got to get back to  ̶play work.