Cyber Monday: You Save, We Give.

Our Cyber Monday is going to last for five days. From Dec. 1 through Dec. 5 you save on domain names, websites, email, and hosting by using the promo code CYBERGOOD. But this isn’t just another week of Cyber Mondays. It’s not just a sale on domains and websites. This, my friends, is a First World Solution. It’s something we hope overtakes first world problems or, as the Twitter hashtag goes, #FirstWorldProblems. You know, those nuisances caused by too many kernels in your popcorn, or the upsetting tribulations of not getting enough likes on Facebook. First world problems are the trials of those who live in a world where adversity comes in a ketchup bottle that won’t release its tomatoey goodness.

At we’ve teamed up with eNom to bring you an awesome #FirstWorldSolution: You buy stuff at a discount and we give money to some incredible causes. eNom will assist Children of the Nations, and will donate to Colorado Feeding Kids. They prepare food for food banks around the world, and you can help them with their important work by simply registering .COM and .NET domains names.

Use the code CYBERGOOD for…

  • $8.99 COM/NET registrations and renewals, powered by Verisign
  • 50% off all levels of web hosting
  • 50% off all of our super simple website builders
  • 50% off our one-click WordPress in RapidPress
  • 50% off any size Email plan (new plans only, does not apply to upgrades)
  • The amazing sensation of doing good by simply getting a good deal. #rainbows

And here’s how the donations will work:

0-10,000 registrations: $10,000 (minimum)
10,001-10,999 registrations: $11,000
11,000-11,999 registrations: $12,000
12,000-12,999 registrations: $13,000
13,000-13,999 registrations: $14,000
14,000-14,999 registrations: $15,000 (maximum)


Registration numbers are for combined total between and eNom. Donation will be split between Colorado Feeding Kids ( and Children of the Nations (eNom).


cyber monday deals

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