Show the world your community service isn’t lip service. Get a .GIVES today.

Sure, there are companies and organizations that are perpetually doing good. For charities, foundations, and many non-profit organizations, that’s their purpose—to do good. For them, .GIVES domain names are obviously perfect.

But .GIVES is not only for the Crème de la crème of human goodness. It’s also for those companies selling siding or that have a room full of telemarketers struggling to make friends over the phone. No matter the main focus of your company or industry, you can improve its perception by being a bigger and better part of the community. Companies with .GIVES domains make it easy (and obvious) to show that they care about making positive change in the community.

With .GIVES your good work does not go unnoticed

And as the information age and billions of websites have shown, people’s BS-o-meters are on high. You can’t just say something and not mean it, because they’re going to figure you out. With the online platforms to success unfolding before anyone with grit and passion, consumers can easily find the business that best aligns with their personal values. You’re going to be held in comparison to your peers, so be prepared with a .GIVES.