Waiting for new TLDs: An animated GIF Story

The time for new TLDs is finally almost here! You’re excited, name.com is excited, everybody is excited! We thought we’d write a short (and animated!) story about what it’s like waiting for new TLDs and why the wait is worth it. But before we get to GIF story time, we thought we’d remind you of how awesome our new TLD watcher is. The watcher will let you know when your favorite new TLDs become available and give you frequent updates on the new TLDs in general. You can check out the watcher here. OK, you ready?

Waiting for new TLDs, an animated GIF Story:

You’re sitting around waiting for new TLDs to drop.

Don't Touch Horse
But this is kind of how new TLDs are right now. You really, really, really want them, but you can’t have them yet.

You may have looked around and seen a few places guaranteeing new TLDs. But the thing is, new TLDs can’t be guaranteed! However, right now you can register your trademarks with the Trademark Clearinghouse so you’ll eligible to get new TLDs during their respective sunrise periods.

That means you’re going to have to wait a little bit longer and listen to everybody start hyping up new TLDs.

But sometimes waiting can actually be fun!

Because once they’re here you’ll be extra excited about them and be able to get a lot of new great domain names!

And when you get a ton of new names, you’ll be able to dance in happiness!