This 80s video will get you pumped up for .DANCE


The New Domain .DANCE is finally in general availability (GA)! That means that anyone who wants a .DANCE domain name can now get a .DANCE domain name. If you need a great website for your dance studio, or you’re a choreographer, or you’re anyone with rhythm and/or talent who needs some help getting your name out there, then find the .DANCE that is right for your business.

Also, in honor of this momentous occasion, we decided it would be a great idea to get you as pumped up about about this New Domain as we are.

On our quest for .DANCE pump-up material, we stumbled upon something truly glorious… dance videos from the 80s. These videos are awe-inspiring clips of physical genius and it was insanely hard to settle on which one that we wanted to share with you, but we managed to do that.

We’re all beyond excited for the release of .DANCE and know that this video will get you insanely excited about it too!