The website builder now supports online stores

Our website builder was already pretty awesome. It allows you to create an attractive, professional website—that will look great on any device—without having to know anything about DNS, HTML, CSS, etc.

Now it’s even better. We just added an ecommerce feature, making it easy to create an online store and sell your products and services. You can build a catalog with unlimited items, accept payment from credit cards or PayPal, and manage your shipping and deliveries.

The ecommerce features are only available on the Business tier of website builder plans. If you currently have a Business-level website builder plan you already have ecommerce features available to you. If you’re on a Basic or Pro plan you can upgrade to Business at any time.

And if you’re not using the website builder at all, now’s a great time to get started. You can even try it for free for 14 days.